Sep 13, 2010


Good morning Friends!

I am very excited about meeting with God and you this morning and diving in to this friendship study-using Friendship for Grown-ups (Lisa Whelchel), as our jumping point.

So let's gather together, for the Word tells us where there are 2 or more gathered together, that there He is in the midst.  More than anything, we want Him.  We want Him to minister to our hearts, to lead us, use us and bring us into a place where we can once again give of ourselves freely and generously to others.

Come let's go before the Throne together.


We thank You for who You are and for Your great love for us.  We thank You for Jesus, who not only died to pay the price for our sins, but did so out of love~so we could be called Children of God.  We thank You for the love You have poured out upon us, and for the deeper level of love and life that You want us to enter into. 

Lord, we ask that You would minister to each of our hearts in deep and meaningful ways.  We set aside these posts, chapter by chapter and ask that You would join us in it.  We come to You Lord, for we know that You are the One who hears us, cares for us, loves us and knows us.  

We ask Lord, that You open those places that need to be open, heal the areas of our bodies, minds, souls and spirits that need Your touch in this area of friendship and love.  Let us go forward today with a fresh filling from your Holy Spirit.  Please Lord, minister to our hearts and lives like only You can.  Allow us opportunities to be a friend, let us have fresh eyes for those around us who are in need of a friend, let us be a friend who gives generously and loves generously.  

Father, I ask that you help us to become the men and women You made us to be.  I ask that by and through Your Word and Spirit that heaven touches our hearts.  Lord, we ask that not only will You make us to be better friends to those You have placed or will place into our lives, but that Lord that You bring us the desires of our hearts to have deep and true friendships.  

I know that many have asked for a Christian friend, one who would sharpen them, as your Word says in Proverbs 27:17 (Iron sharpens iron). We ask Lord that You shatter the old and shape the new heart that You are building in each of us.  Let us give greatly and also receive, like never before.  Come Holy Spirit and fill us a fresh, lead us in this study, bless us, show us Your goodness and Your favor.

We humble ourselves into Your hand and wait with great expectation for Your moving in our lives.  Thank You Lord for all You do, thank You for being a true friend, for loving us when we are anything but lovable.  Thank You for Your faithfulness to us, even when we are unfaithful.  Thank You Lord for speaking to us, for directing us, for wanting to bring us to new places of faith and love in You.  We are eager to learn Lord, teach us and use our lives. 

Do Kingdom business for Your namesake and bring Yourself Glory Lord.

We give you freedom to do as You need in each of our lives Lord, 
and we pray in Jesus' Mighty name, amen!

Come back tomorrow and we will begin in chapter one!  Aren't you excited?


Rob said...

I have to confess to not being in a very excitable mood at the moment Kimmie but I'm sure there is someone out there who will be and I will pop back tomorrow anyway.

Anonymous said...


~Julie S.

Debbie Doughty said...

Thank you for starting us in prayer Kimmie. I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us.

Barbara A. said...

My book arrived today (Wednesday the 15th). I'll try to read Chapter 1 tonight, or at the latest tomorrow (Thursday).
Are we doing all discussion here on the blog in the comments section?

Kimmie said...

Hi Barbara;

So glad your book arrived! It should be a easy read...and yes, we are doing our discussion I don't have the know how of how to set up a yahoo group... ;-)

So glad you will be joining in too!


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