Sep 7, 2010


Homeschooling, it is not for the weak of heart. 

That is all I am going to say for now.  If you think of me, would you pray?  This year I have a new student, our newest daughter from Ethiopia, who is still learning English (she is 13). So I am teaching English as a third language now, my student is very bright, but says, "MAMA, it is hard!"  I'd have to agree.

I also have a two year old, enough said. 

Never mind, that my oldest student tends to lose momentum quickly. 

Also my Irish triplets (7, 8 and 9) need a lot of Mama help with directions and such to stay the course.  

Did you say, 'How do I do it?'

Funny, I was asking God the same thing a few days ago.  'Overwhelmed' may be where I am standing this week, but hopefully I get out of this location and into one filled with joy and peace real soon!  I think I saw a glimpse of it today, as I read Little House in the Big Woods (by Laura Ingalls Wilder); as they drew in their illustration notebook from a short passage that I pulled out of the first chapter.

I think, in all reality that I will need new jeans by spring, as the ones I am currently wearing will be worn out in the knees from all my praying.  

I do love homeschooling- 
 ( good thing, as we are 15 years into it now)
... there are so many wonderful things to learn.  

Hoping I didn't buy too much curriculum, as really my inner Hippie is screaming at me already to run off into the woods with the kids and call it school. 

(Yeah, I would bring a basket of treats to eat and a pile of Living Books (the kind that come to life when you read them) with us and a lovely old quilt to spread out on as we basked in the glory of God.

I'd have to say much teaching with little education is not where my heart is calling me.


Bobbie-Jo said...

Life *is* hard sometimes, isn't it? It doesn't make the difficulties any better just knowing that fact, and it certainly doesn't help me prepare for them during the good times either! I guess it just consoles me that it is all normal, a passing under the sun. And it will pass. :)

Thinking of you. And wishing we could run off into the woods with you and your kids when you read books together. :)

Katie said...

Love the link... GO CM!! :) I'm a big fan!

Praying for God to renew your strength, and fill you with his grace,
Katie :)

And do tell your daughter that I've not forgotten her. This season is just so busy... *sigh* I think about the letter I started a month or two ago but never finished daily. Someday I will finish it. I promise. Tell her not to lose hope! I've not forgotten her! :)

Debbie Doughty said...

Twaddle. It's one of the things I remember most from Charlotte Mason. It applies to life too. Maybe you should listen to your inner hippie once in a while.

Rob said...

Good luck with that one Kimmie! I wouldn't know where to start and would for sure be running off in to the woods to escape.

Saminda said...

SO with you on the overwhelmed feeling this week. With all my sickness I am fully doubting my ability to continue doing this. :( We shall see, but we are contemplating school next year.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Kimmie, I am sure you will do just fine :)

I am thankful that I let the state dictate my son's curriculum for the most takes most of the hard work out of it for me...he just gets to do his studies at home. I envy traditional homeschoolers who do it all themselves but I know I much hard work goes into it. It's such a Blessing to be able to spend that time with your children isn't it?


Renata said...

You are doing a wonderful job there - & I love the way you rely on the Lord for strength. I try & do the same thing - although my homeschooling isn't quite so tricky at the moment. I am praying about what curriculum to choose for next year though - it's so tough you want them to lean & cover everything, but you don't want them to be bored with a lot of the rubbish that they will never use (if you get my drift - I'm tired & should be heading to bed).
Love to you & I'll pray that God will continue to supply you with strength & innumerable amounts of patience & wisdom (I ask for that most every day!)
Have a lovely day

Anna said...

Just to say I'm thinking of you. And don't bite off too much. I always think that if they're not snapping each other's heads off, they're playing outside, and they know how to read, it's good enough . . . . God seems to pick up the slack for us, doesn't he?

mom said...

Always remember that they are always learning even when they don't seem to be learning :-) God is good about that kind of thing. And I vote for a day in the woods with the living books and an old QUILT! :-)

Tammy ~@~

expressmom said...

Just allow yourself to choose one thing to do well today. That is it~ one thing. And then let life dictate the day. They will learn enough. You could do this three days a week & all would STILL be well!

Good luck!

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