Sep 12, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Need Prayer?

Want Prayer?

Love Prayer?

I'd love to pray with you this week...leave me a comment and we will get busy!


Tomorrow (Monday) we will join together in prayer for our study...

Friendship for Grown-ups 
 by Lisa Whelchel...

come by and allow the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart,
before we jump into chapter one together 
(we will begin on TUESDAY!! yippee!)


Saminda said...

Please keep praying for my health, Kimmie. It's still not great... and still no answers. I just need to trust that He has me in His arms!!

MaryKay said...

I would appreciate your prayers! Pray that Obsi would get comfortable in our house and open up. He is so uptight and fidgety and he secludes himself so much! With his friends you can't tell he is shy. With us, well, it is awful!

Amie said...


How are YOU doing with your friendship struggles? Are you feeling any peace?

Greta Jo said...

Hi My blog friend Kimmie. Would you please pray that the Lord will pick the right child for our family?

Katie said...


I would appreciate some prayer... I am very, (v-e-r-y) slowly getting over a cold and I also have some sort of pulled/torn muscle in my right hip. :( It's been bothering me for about two weeks now, and is slowly getting worse it seems. Just pray that it will heal, and that if it be God's will (please, God, please!!) I can avoid having to totally lay off running for a time; I really hope to stay in good shape (when you work so hard for months in advance of the season to get in shape, these things can be big let-downs!). Also for more evangelism opportunities on my team... it's been so neat to see what God is doing.

Thanks, Kimmie. How can I pray for you?

Katie :)

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