Sep 19, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

Would you like me to pray for you this week?  
 I'd love to believe God with you.  Just leave me a comment and we will join hearts and prayers together!

And don't forget, we forge on into chapter 2 of, Friendship for Grown-ups this week....hope you will find time to join us.  AND even if you are not reading the book; certainly you are welcome to share your heart about friendship, your hopes, your desires and where the Holy Spirit is leading you in this area of life!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,

Would you please pray for my family. We are meeting a four year old little girl today in the foster system. Our family is being considered for her adoption. Please pray for God's will to be done and it would be clear to us.

Thank you so much for your ministry. It is truly a blessing.

Bird's Words said...

Hey Kimmie,
I'd love for you to pray with me this week! Over a year ago, God told me to minister to a very particular group of ladies here in our community. I said "no" because I was scared and thought I wasn't equipped. God continued to ask me to go, and I continued to say "no", thinking that He would change his mind.
This week, I will go. I'm making plans even now, and I will follow through. I'm excited, and I'm scared to death! It's a good place to be, but uncomfortable. I know this is vague, but I don't want to tell all just yet. He has asked me to be obedient and I am following through (finally). I promise to post more later, but I'd appreciate your prayers fro now!

Thanks so much friend!

Prayer Requests said...

My husband and I were moved from your prayer.
We are praying that god will help you in your situation.
When we find our self in times like this we use
It helps us feel closer to god when we need it most, I truly recommend you to try it.
God bless you.

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