Oct 17, 2010

Can I pray with you this week about anything?


Dawn said...

Hi, can you pray for my friends daughter who needs healing for her heart. She is 7 from China and has been given no hope for healing except God. No more surgery can be done.This could be a regular on your prayer list if you would not mind...her name is Abby.

Paula said...

Hi Kimmie,
Would you mind being in pray with us for my husband Tim, he has been deployed to Iraq (again). For him to find some Godly men to fellowship with while there. Thank you,

Stace said...

Kimmie...oh Kimmie! Talk about "transparency"... I did it big today and expected negative repercussions. It wasn't bad but I think the devil is still making me second guess myself! Like crying in front of the entire congregation and telling them WHY "transparent". Yea.

Karen said...

Okay, I know it's Tuesday...but please pray for us and our 3-year-old. He's been very difficult recently....I think this may be a spiritual issue combined with being 3??? And I know I should expect him to regress with the upcoming adoption of our littlest one....anyway, any prayers on behalf of all of us would be greatly appreciated! The 2 year old is getting a bit more aggressive, but it seems more like a normal 2-year-old development with him.

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