Oct 18, 2010

New Friendship with Old Friends

New Friendships with Old Friends

-Chapter 6-
Friendships for Grown-ups

Do you have something to share from this chapter?  

I am pondering from page 89...

If you don't intentionally nurture your friendships and
invest time in them,
then they too easily dwindle away in the press of life. 

I'd agree that life today in our modern world, it is difficult to make time for friendships.  My mother-in-law shared with me, that during her young mother years, that her girlfriends would come over and they would do their ironing or mending together weekly.  This time helped them to share each others burdens, keep communication lines open, but also to let them do the things on their to-do-lists that needed to get done. 

My how I almost long for *ironing* get togethers 

(if you know me, you know I must be off kilter, as I have NO relationship with my iron at all.)  But for the sake of friendship, deeper friendships, I might just be willing to dust mine off and give it a go.  

I must say, that I am encouraged by what you've been sharing.  I hope you will continue to dig into those deep longing areas of your heart and share with all of us...in 6 more chapters we conclude our study.  
Praying for you, that God comes and brings you each, the desires of your heart.


Rob said...

I think that maybe chores such as ironing would be more enjoyable if done as a social gathering. I think if evetyone got chattering the ironing would be done in no time with hardly a thought given to it.

mom said...

But but but.....I LOVE to iron! I wish we lived closer and I'd iron and you could talk :-)

Tammy ~@~

Karen said...

email and online conversations have been helpful to me for staying connected...but face to face is wonderful! We have a group of parents who have all fostered and/or adopted children that meet once a month for a playgroup and it's been such a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this chapter. I feel challenged to go deeper even in my closest and close friendships. With the technology we have today there really isn't much excuse to not stay in touch with someone. On the same note, that same technology can be the very distraction for our spending quality in-person time with each other.

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