Nov 23, 2010

Cleaning out the drawers, cupboards and cabinets

I am not sure what got into me over the weekend.  

But I went on a cleaning rampage!  I cleaned the kitchen drawers, the kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, bathroom drawers, my dresser... I found a bottle of ipecac syrup that was dated expiration 2007.  Yikes, I think I cleaned it more recently, but maybe not!

I wish I got to the refrigerators, but alas I ran out of time and energy.  Maybe this weekend, when everyone else is out shopping on Black Friday, I will tackle my LEAST favorite job of cleaning out not one but two refrigerators.  They both need a overhaul, as it has been a while since I have taken everything out and cleaned the puppies out. (you too, right?)

Really I need to repaint the one in the garage.  I was thinking about using black chalkboard paint, as maybe it wouldn't rust up so quickly!  It is white appliance paint on it now, I think it would look so cute as a giant garage chalkboard.  Of course it wouldn't be so cute if someone wrote, 'Clean ME!' across the front of it.  Maybe I will have to rethink the whole chalkboard paint option.


mom said...

Kimmie, please come to my house and do some cleaning. I bit off a lot more than I could chew with the amount of time I have allotted for cleaning. Tomorrow I need to get going on baking and cooking and have lots of unfinished cleaning projects staring at me....

Tammy ~@~

Karen said...

I'm doing that too! Kitchen cupboards, and the tops of cupboards where I display stuff (covered in years of dust).

I recently saw a fridge painted with blackboard paint in a magazine and it looked neat.

Katie said...

Hurrah for chalkboard paint! My dresser drawers are painted with it, and it's so fun to have the option of leaving it blank for a bit or adorning it with encouraging scriptures, quotes, funny sayings or just random silliness. (A good way for your young ones to pass a couple hours, too... they would love it!)

Katie :)

MommaMindy said...

I am amazed at how much you got done. I'm suddenly feeling a tad bit lazy. :) Hope you enjoy your holiday. May your hearts be blessed with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ as you gather together.

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