Nov 17, 2010

Guess Who is Learning to Ice Skate?

We began homeschool ice skating lessons in September.  We had one new student, our newly adopted Ethiopian daughter.  She was sure ice skating would be the death of her, after all she was Ethiopian and had never seen ice or snow before. We all encouraged her that we had been just like her once, none of us were born knowing how to skate.

I reminded her gently that she said the same about swimming lessons, as she was sure she would die before she learned to swim.  I told her that she would learn. Learning takes time and effort, sometimes more than others.

She prayed and prayed that Jesus would return before the first lesson began.

He didn't come. 

So she went on to lesson number two.  Lesson two was better, because she let go of the wall.  
We are now in lesson 10 or so, she is skating! Once we past week 5, she began to enjoy it.

Oh, the fun we have as parents,
trying to encourage, 
trying to stretch our children into new places. 
I think God must feel the same about me and my lessons that He is giving me.

How about you, what are you learning these days 
and how is your attitude in the *classroom?*

Remember, the lessons are for a purpose, they are for our good.
  Let's try to have fun while we learn whatever it is that He is trying to teach us. 
Maybe we could encourage each other a bit too? 

If you share what you are currently learning...maybe we can encourage you too!


Kathy C. said...

What a good opportunity for her. It's so exciting when we can expose our children to new things. Not that we have ice skating in FL. Well, maybe Pensacola at the college but that's 3 hours away.

MommaMindy said...

My husband and I grew up in the upper midwest where we always owned skates, always skated and always seemed to know how. We don't remember NOT skating.

We moved to the PNW and now have to pay to skate, instead of walking a few blocks to a free park. When we go we are always amazed at how many people DON'T know how to skate. It has been a good lesson for us in patience. I will think of your daughter the next time I skate and remember to pray for those new to America that have to learn so much.

You always can change my world view. :)

About me? Yea, I always am humbled when I compare parenting my children to how the Lord parents me.

Amie said...

That she prayed for Jesus to return before the first lesson made me literally laugh out loud!

Anna said...

Oh, Kimmie, you have me roaring with laughter!! Give that girl a hug for me!!

Renata said...

I can relate so much to Simenesh as I was about that age when I first went to an ice skating rink! I was scared to death!! But I soon learnt to enjoy it (not that I would remember how to now - it's been years!)
What a precious girl she is - been thinking of & praying for her!

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