Nov 14, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Prayer Request Sunday@ overthemoonwithjoy

Would you like to pray together this week? 
Leave me what is on your heart and we will take it together to our Father!


Leslie said...

Kimmie, I would very much appreciate the continued prayers for discernment and wisdom about adoption.

mom said...

Kimmie, please pray for my dear friend who is waiting on baby number five to arrive who seems to be in no hurry to do so. I'll be her birth doula, so wisdom for me, too, as I help her through her labor and delivery.


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Hi Kimmie thanks so much for reaching out. Tomorrow is my day of fasting and prayer, so if there is something I can pray for you, let me know.

My request is the same, for my husband's heart to soften and our adoption keep moving forward. His heart is hardening even more.

Also for my 18 year old son Brock - an unspoken request, but God knows what is happening.

And for our give away that will be ending this weekend. It is benefiting not only our adoption fund but anothef family also.

Blessings dear friend and thank you.


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