Jan 27, 2011

Are You Kidding...16 More inces of SNOW

At one time this was our back deck...
which we put our Christmas tree on,
once it got moved out of the living room
...we left the lights on so we could enjoy it...

something is wrong with this picture.

The new wall of snow. 
We'd guess their estimate of 6-8 was very wrong,
as it appears to be nearly 2 more feet added to our yard..

poor Hunter ...he was overwhelmed and he needed to go potty!

Of course my children are excited and want to finish their lessons so they can go out to play.

I plan to make pasta with my new Italian friend..
Mr. Atlas 150,
who arrived in the mail yesterday!
The semolina has been patiently waiting in the pantry for his arrival.  I think we will make some mounds of noodle-y goodness on our counters...
I am sure it will make us all feel a little less overwhelmed by the white that surrounds us on all sides.

Have a jolly good day and please send us a note to let us know you are praying for us!


mom said...

Totally JEALOUS! We haven't had a good snowstorm like that all winter! AND I'm also envious over your homemade noodles......YUM!

Enjoy this memory making day, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Stace said...

I thought of you and Maria when I was watching Weather Channel last night! It still seems fun to me... but I'm not the one trying to dig out! :)

Annie Chase said...

my state is DROWNING in white fluff!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

I don't ever remember having a winter like this in my whole life. I mean blizzards every 8 or so years - yeah, normal. But this! never.

Dardi said...

We have some snow, but NOTHING like that! My husband's feelings are that if it's going to snow, he'd prefer it REALLY snow! Hope you enjoy some cozy time together. I've decided that snow serves to make us appreciate when the sun & warmth show up. :o)

Saminda said...

Oh my!!!! :) That is unbelievable!
If you need a break from the snow, maybe a trip down under is in order? ;) You'll always have a bed here!
Have fun with your pasta maker.... sounds wonderful. xxx

Rob said...

Goodness me Kimmie, you don't do things by halves there do you!

Debbie Doughty said...

If only you could send some of your snow my way! We get so little of it here, that when we do, it's a treat. Warm hugs & prayers, :Debbie

Melissa said...

I would die!!! I love the sun and warmth. We did see snow for the first time last year and it was fun to play in.

Cathy said...

WOW! Send us just a little OK. For a cold, wet year, we've gotten very little snow...just lots of wet, cold rain.


Karen said...

We're drinking lots of hot chocolate here to go with the snow...and I'm constantly remembering how miserable I was last July in the heat/humidity...I'm getting stir crazy though from staying home because I don't feel like dragging everyone out in the snow and/or freezing cold!

Have a fun day anyway!

Valerie said...

Totally off topic but I wanted to share this link with you. A blog that I read is doing a blog carnival (is that what they are even called? I don't know) all about adoption. Thought you might be interested. :)


Expat Mom said...

Can I just say . . . I'm SO glad we live in Guatemala! :D Sorry, I had to.

That being said, I hope that all melts fast and gives you an amazing green spring.

Renata said...

Kimmie - it looks wonderful & cool there (as opposed to hot, hot, hot over here - but not complaining mind you). I have never seen snow like that - your tree is really underneath all that!
Keep warm & hope the noodles went well

Julie said...

Oh my, that is a lot of snow. My kids would have loved to come over and play in it with you:) They say California is no fun....I guess they don't think the beach is as exciting as snow. lol.

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