Jan 3, 2011

Bible Reading Plan for 2011

I thought maybe someone would want to join me in reading through the Bible Chronologically this New Year!
I started 2 days ago, I printed out the plan from this site and am so excited.  I've never read it in the possible order that it was written...have you?

Won't you join me?

Please let me know and we can encourage each other to stay the course (and also won't it be nice to have someone to share with as we go along through the year?)

I have to say that as I sat down Sunday night to read, I found myself crying as I read the chapters.  WHY?  Well, not because it was new to me, as I have read through from beginning to end several times now.  But because I prayed and asked God to teach me new things from His Word and you know what...so many parts of those first few chapters suddenly sounded so different to me.  Parts that were hidden from my understanding, now had me saying, "OH!" 

I was so excited that I kept reading through the next days chapters, though my eyes were heavy, still I fought back sleep and finished the last few verses with a renewed love for His Word.

Hope you will join me...its not too late by any means!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim. I literally sat down to print out a "reAD THE Bible in one year" plan, but decided to check your blog first! I was hoping to do something like this with Keith this year. I couldn't access your links. I'll try again later.


Amie said...

I have been reading mine cover to cover for the past 3 1/2 years, and I am finally to a point where I have 10 pages to go. (Don't laugh, I know it's taken me forever but I take really detailed notes...)

I have been excited about finishing up and saying THERE, I DID IT! but now you bring up a good point: re-reading it brings things to your eyes in a new way...

Please post as you go through, I look forward to refreshing my memory on lost of stuff possibly forgotten over the past couple of years :)

Kathy C. said...

I am reading through the chronological living Bible. I will be starting Jan 7 and only read five days a week so I won't make it though the whole Bible in one year.

Katie said...

Hi friend!

I, too, have embarked on the same journey for 2011. Lately, I have really missed daily fellowship with the Lord, so when the new year came, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to start afresh. I am so glad to know that you also are reading chronologically this year, for I pray God will allow it as a means for us to build each other up with the mighty words of Scripture.

Please ask me through the year how it's going, in order to hold me accountable. This is a true desire of mine, but when life gets busy, Satan likes to tempt me to laziness. But how we truly need the words of life!! I pray God gives me the grace to grow in the area of daily communion with him this year, and continues to do so all my days.

God bless you, Kimmie, and feel free to share any interesting, humbling, inspiring thoughts and such that God brings to you as we read his Word in a new and eye-opening way! I will do the same.

Much love and many prayers for you and yours!
Katie :)

Stace said...

AMAZING! I am like-minded! I just printed out one version but I'd RATHER go through it WITH someone...so I'll go chronologically with you! So excited to have a partner! I've only read through the Bible in a year once before... and with a partner. It was so amazing to see what parts spoke to each of us...I'M JOINING YOU!

Amrita said...

I am reading the One Year Bible with daily readings from the O &N Testaments and Ps. an d Prov.

Also reading the devotions from Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby

Dan and Tara said...

Kimmie -
It keeps not letting me leave a comment, so try number 3. I am going to be reading along with you, but am getting a late start, so I will be playing catch u p in the next week or so. I look forward to this journey will you and cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

craftsbykimberlie said...

I am joining you reading through the Bible. I printed out the sheet and although I am a little behind I think I can catch up. You blog inspires me.

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