Jan 5, 2011

Bless My Mama's Heart

As I began to wind down yesterday,
 4 of my children came to me and asked me what I was doing. 
I told them I was reading through the Bible Chronologically.  
They asked if they could join me. 

First our 13 year old Ethiopian daughter asked for a copy of the day by day readings (13 years old- 14 next week!), then Princess Sunshine (12 tomorrow)...a few minutes later the crowd began to grow when Princess Giggles (9) asked if she too could read through the Bible, as they think it historically happened.  Last but not least, King Meemer (8) begged me for a copy too, as he really, really wanted to do this with us.


How blessed my heart is that 
my children desire to be in God's Word.  

How thankful I am that I will share this journey through time from the beginning with them...can't wait to see what He teaches us.  (and my other children are reading the Bible daily, but have already set their plans down before the Lord as to what He is teaching them in His Word.)

Won't you join us too?  


Karen said...

How exciting! I've always wanted to read it this way. I'll probably be a bit behind you...but I plan to start tomorrow.

Greta Jo said...

Oh that's great! I've been wondering about you....

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