Jan 13, 2011

My Ethiopian Goes A-Sledding!

I have to confess I only took a few pictures, though it was Princess Sweetness' first sledding trip.
Turns out it is VERY hard to be a photographer, a sledder and the mother of a two year old who doesn't walk back up the hill without MUCH help. So after a few snaps,
I ditched the camera to have some fun with the kids.

I have no regrets. 

Princess Sweetness who is 13, well she might, seems her Ethiopian body just doesn't want to do snow.  Funny how that goes.

And for those of you who might wonder why I am letting my kids sled into the street...
well, you stop before the road
and the rest of the hill was full of *serious* sledders,
of which we were not with our first timer.  

The snow on the top of the hill went missing,
rather mysteriously;
as the day before it had snowed a good 6-8 inches.

Tomorrow is her birthday...we are heading to me mum's farm for the day.  There is 2 feet of fresh snow and a nice hill in the front yard,
if we can pack it, it JUST might be some awesome sledding.
Guess we will have to see what the photographer can capture.

And yes, I did say that we just got 24 inches of snow. 

(If you live were it is warm, stop laughing and instead pray for me. I seriously am running the wet, cold snow stuff through the dryer almost continuously.
Pray for an early spring...
Our beautiful new daughter and her Ethiopian body will thank you! ;-)


Dardi said...

Simenesh may not like the cold, but she looks adorable in a hat & scarf! I was wishing we had gotten that much snow so the kids would be called off of school, but we only got enough to cause a delay yesterday.

mom said...

Glad you can enjoy some of that snow dumping out there! I'm feeling a bit like Simenesh these days as I'm not liking the cold weather much. I enjoy it much more from inside where it's warm and cozy!

Tammy ~@~

Kathy C. said...

Brrr. I grew up with lake effect snow and do not miss it!!! I would like maybe a day or two for the kids to experience the fun part (but not sliding though stop signs etc).

Bird's Words said...

Oh, I'm a bit jealous here! We've had more snow this year than I can recall in a few years around here. But 24 inches.... WOW! I would LOVE to have that here!

Ellie loves the thought of snow, but being out in it... not too much. She does love to make snow angels, but she hasn't caught on to the sledding thing.

Happy Birthday to sweet Simenesh!


Future Mama said...

Haha, WOW, that IS a lot of snow!!! We got four days of school for our 6 inches ;-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, you must be sure to take the camera. If we had 24" of snow here we wouldn't be going anywhere as we don't cope well with snow.

Amrita said...

Lovely pix Kimmie an d everybody is having lotsa fun.

Happy birthday Siminesh from warmer India ( its cold here too actually)

Our Red House said...

Oh, my kids would love to live in a place that snows. It costs a fortune in Australia to holiday anywhere near the few skifields we have.

BTW, Siminesh looks great in her snow gear!



Renata said...

It looks like so much fun there! I must admit though I don't know if I could live where it snows for months on end - it's alright to visit for a week each year though!
Hope Simenesh has a wonderful birthday. We often talk of her & I love your updates on her!
Have a wonderful time enjoying the snow - it is hot, hot, hot over here!

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