Jan 18, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where is Our Comfort?

In this new year,
with all the busyness that surrounds us
...where do you find your comfort?

What brings you peace that can still your soul?

Psalm 71:21 
(English Standard Version)

You will increase my greatness
   and comfort me again.


Leslie said...

Honestly, in my sewing room. When I step in there and start sewing, I'm absolutely content. My hands are busy, but my mind is free to wander, and I spend a lot of that time praying and pondering over God. The act of sewing is so calming and comforting to me.

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, when I go for a walk in the hills is the thing that does it for me.

Cathy said...

So sweet. What a great little comfie.

For me, in God's word and in Hymns.

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