Jan 26, 2011

Sick of Winter...so done!

I am afraid we are far still from my friend spring.  We have 2 more inches of snow today, on top of the 4 feet we already have accumulated in the past 2 weeks. 

AND guess what. 

They are predicting another 6-8 inches by morning.  

I am tired of snow.

I am ready for green grass and bluebirds.  

I guess we are nearing the end of January and I should give thanks.  February is a shorter month and often bluebirds arrive back sometime in March...

Oh for the love of warmer days that are a coming. 
(not tomorrow perhaps, but with a squint in my eyes I can almost make out forsythia's beginning to bud.)

How is your heart doing in the season you are currently in?


Karen said...

I am so with you! Longing for spring..but realistic enough to know that it'll be awhile and I need to be thankful. I keep trying to remember how miserable I was in the heat and humidity of last summer.

And the bundling and unbundling of the kids multiple times a day...I will be one happy camper when it is warm enough for them to run in and out without coats and shoes!

On the positive side, though, I love the cozy heat of the woodstove. I love watching it snow while drinking hot chocolate...maybe I should be blogging about this instead of leaving such an enormous comment! :-)

Leslie said...

Definitely with you on the longing for spring. Actually, we don't even have snow here (in NW Washington), but the constant cloud cover is really affecting my mood. I feel like I'm dragging all the time, and I have no energy or motivation to do anything. Today we got a nice break and had sunshine all day long, and temperatures that even permitted me opening the windows to let the fresh breeze in. I'm so thankful for that!!

Kathy C. said...

there is a reason i no longer live on the IN/MI border....

Rob said...

That is a lot of snow Kimmie, I can see why you would be fed up with it. When I am fed up with the weather I try to find something nice to look at, it doesn't make you feel any warmer or the yearning for spring go away but you can see that there is some good to be had right now. Maybe take a magnifying glass to a snowflake and soon you will see the beauty that surrounds you. I hope you have a good day anyway.

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