Feb 17, 2011

Have You Met My Mum?

My sweet Mum.  

Thought I'd introduce you.  She is the sweetest grandma and all my children request to spend their birthdays at Grammie M and M's house.  Above is her improvising a birthday candle for Miss Sunshine's day last month.  

Currently she is away on holiday...hope she is enjoying sunshine and warmer weather.  Can't wait to hear about the car ride to Florida and all of her adventures. 

She is a good mum and I am blessed to have her.


mom said...

I am glad that you are blessed by your mum, Kimmie! Enjoy the time you get to spend with her :-)

Tammy ~@~

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, nobody cares like a mum.

I'm sorry to hear about Hunter and I feel for you because it still pains me more than anything that I had to tell the vet to kill my best friend. It would have been much easier to let her go on suffering but at the end of the day you have to forget what is best for you and do what is best for your friend. When the vet says there is no hope then you have to stop being selfish even though it is the worst pain you ever felt. Of course my prays will be for you and your family today - God bless you all.

Renata said...

What a wonderful Mum you have there! Sounds like she is such a blessing to your family!

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