Feb 9, 2011

One of them is 20 Today...

Our oldest homemade turned 20 today.
 Seems like just yesterday I was throwing her in the baby carrier and slinging her on my hip through the day.  Actually, it seems like just yesterday that I was off to the hospital to give birth...how did twenty years manage to get by me?

Now she is a big girl
(as is the 2 year old, who keeps telling me,
"she is not a baby but a BIG GIRL!")

Bella made the fox and panda hats...they came out so cute.  She is a crocheting genius, as she has only been doing it for about a year now.  I taught her so she could edge off one of the knit hats she had made.
She is taking orders if you are interested in having a cute hat of your own.  
She does custom orders
(she just finished a really cute sock monkey hat).
She is so creative and FAST.

Time flies so quickly. 

But as I have always told all of my children,  
"You will always be my baby."


mom said...

You have a very talented newly turned 20 year old daughter, Kimmie! Time does fly....my oldest turns 30 years old this summer which is hard to believe because it seems like I should still be 30....hee hee...

Tammy ~@~

MommaMindy said...

Your daughter is beautiful like you, Kimmie! Her hats are amazing, she is so talented. I'm also a monkey lover, so thought the sock monkey hat was amazing.

Stace said...

For some reason my computer won't open your EMAIL link on your profile. We would like to order some hats!!! my home email is therauchhouse@juno.com
Could you just shoot one to me and say HI so I can place an order for some amazingly cool hats! Also need to know what they cost! :)

Kathy C. said...

Happy birthday!

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