Feb 16, 2011

Simple Homemaking

Simple Homemaking Tip of the Day!

Out of your normal laundry whitener

...well try dishwasher gel.

Dissolve in warm water and give your clothes a soak in it.  It is a great stand in in a pinch. After soaking, launder as usual...before your clothes go into the dryer be sure to check that your stain is thoroughly removed.
I am amazed at how it whitens and brightens.

I also use dishwasher gel on hard
to clean gunked-up pans (is gunked-up a word?)
Squeeze about a 1/4 cup full into your pan
and then add water at least an inch or two of water.
Heat up pan to boiling, lower heat and cook
long enough for your pot to be totally ungunked!

Keeping an eye that you have enough water in the pan, so it won't reburn.
Continue until all your stuck on stuff is floating about and ready to be dumped.
I find that a little stir with a spoon, helps the process along if you are in a hurry.
 Dump, rinse and finished!

For really bad burnt on items,
let soak overnight and reheat in the morning (adding water if needed).
It has worked every time at our house!

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Shonni said...

What a great idea!!

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