Feb 28, 2011


Thought I'd share a bit about why it has been rather quiet over here in my portion of the blogosphere.  Honestly, I am still feeling rather dull.  I am not feeling very creative or feel that I have anything interesting or new to share.  Guess I am kind of feeling like a one trick pony who has done the same trick one too many times.  With that said, I'd have to say that we continue to live life.  

Today I  played with flour...
I created...
(a sweet white and an extra white dough for the freezer), 
made pita bread (about 15),
a blueberry pound cake (well actually two),
4 loaves of whole wheat for the freezer as well.  
Right now a cherry spice cake is cooling on the counter
for my girlfriends who are popping over for the weekly Tuesday visit. 

Perhap, I am so tired tonight because of all those carbs I worked (even though I didn't eat them yet!)  or maybe it is because I have been slacking with my thyroid medication, that I am supposed to take daily, but many times I just leap over it and say, "tomorrow, it's too late today to take it now."  

We continue to press on in adoption paperwork. 
Our social worker came out last week to interview the children for our waiver, that we need to move on with our adoption (and thank you dear Annie for your donation to our fund...you are so sweet!)  We seem to be moving, but at a snails pace if you ask me.

Tonight I found myself praying at our family altar for God to bring me some excitement.  I confessed that I was feeling flat and that perhaps a bit of God's wonder would jerk me out of my funk. Oh to look to Him and not to let this wave of heaviness settle on my spirit.  I asked Him if He could bring me some excitement (the fun kind, not the scary kind).

My Ethiopian friends shared that they had an all nighter Saturday night.  It was a prayer meeting and they do it regularly (I think they said once a month.)  I wish I could speak Amharic or even understand...I so would love to go, but am not sure I would be able to stay up for a whole night. Our thirteen year old Ethiopian daughter says they normally break for tea after a few hours, and then continue on in hours of prayer.  I love my Ethiopian friends from Ebenezer Evangelical Church...truly such loving, kind and caring people. Though the service is in Amharic, the fellowship is always rich.  We are blessed to have a second church and such wonderful friends.

hoping to catch sight of a bluebird...
they are my favorite and are a reminder of *happiness*  
In our neck of the woods they should be arriving to choose nesting sites. 
i would just dance and sing if one came into my yard and chose my bluebird box for its home. 
wouldn't that be a wonder and some excitement? 

this one trick pony sure thinks so.
waiting on Him.

this one trick pony needs a hot bath..
hope to hear from you and your end of the world!


Shonni said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I have had times of “dullness”!!!
Of all things the LORD has used sewing to bring me out of one lately! I am enjoying making things for my family.
I pray that you feel better soon.
PS, I also have thyroid issues....when mine is out of whack it effects everything!!! Pray that you feel better soon!!!!

"Indescribable" said...

WOW! You sure did 'play with a little flour'! YUMMY

Oh, by the way, guess whose considering another adoption...... we're hoping (praying) for a deaf girl - can you pray with us!?

Beret said...

I wish I could devote all day to playing with flour! That sounds great.
Praying that God would send you a bluebird!

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie I always enjoy hearing your updates - I also struggled with these feelings particularly over summer!

The baking sounds yummy & I've been wondering how the adoption was going - still praying.
Those all night prayer meetings sound amazing!

Have a wonderful week - hope that bluebird arrives at just the perfect time!

scarves said...

Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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Rob said...

First of all Kimmie you aren't a one trick pony, I always marvel at your many talents - really. Just look at all the different things you spoke about in just one post. Actually I know what you mean though because I keep trying to find something different to talk about other than gardening and my dog but the thing is people seem to like to hear about them even if to me it is the same old stuff. I guess new friends come along who never heard me the first or second times and the old friends forget they heard it already. As for feeling flat, I have to confess to feeling the same way myself at the moment so don't be afraid to inflict your flatness upon us because you never know one of your many friends may turn out to be a Bluebird.

Denise said...

Kim - I just wanted to share that Bluebirds are my favorite and also were a sign from God for us to homeschool. Long story, but we haven't seen one in several years. Last week while going through a grieving for a very recent loss of a good friend, one stopped by twice on top of our bird feeder!! I am sure it was our wonderful Lord telling us He was once again there with us during our struggles. May one come soon and nest with you!

Karen said...

I've missed your posts! If you are able, could you post the recipe for pita bread? I hear boys throwing books on the floor so I need to go...

Stace said...

Thank you for being REAL. I really appreciate it! I am praying for your "funk" to get better and the heaviness to dispell! I've been there.

It's hard to wait for your new little one.

It's hard to wait for SPRING!

I saw a cardinal the other day (and got excited) and then remembered that they don't leave Ohio for the winter (and got bummed).

Thanks for sharing your journey of life with us...the ups and downs.

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