Mar 6, 2011

Announcement...and Prayer Request Sunday

Praising God, because He has spoken to my heart. 

As I was listening to a podcast on my ipod this past week, (by Steve Stewart from Impact Nations), God spoke to me in a HUGE way.  As some of you know, we are in process to adoption.  It has been an uphill, downhill rather confusing type of paperwork chase this round.  We thought we were going to Ethiopia, but the door closed, we have been working on waiver forms with our state to get us past their "you can only have 6 children" rule.  We continue to battle and wait ...knowing that God will make the way, His perfect and pleasing way.

But this week God enlarged my vision...

He has put destiny into my heart with this larger vision.  In the past we have looked to Him in naming our children, this week as I sat on a stationary bike, peddling away, He spoke to me the name of my daughter.  

He has put in my heart a rescue mission-one that would save a wee babe from abortion (maybe you noticed the love note on my sidebar).  I have been praying and waiting on Him to move.  I can't say that it hasn't been difficult, perhaps I have found this the hardest road yet in the adoption call.  

What He spoke changes everything.  He spoke the word Shalom.  I linked so that you could read what it means and hear the Word spoken over my sweet yet to be daughter's life.  God has a plan one of protection, safety and wholeness for her life.  Praise God!!  We are now praying for her by name and believing God to continue to open doors for us to get to her.  The road is still rather long, but we are thinking it will lead us to Lifeline and our beautiful African American daughter.

Thought you'd like to know and that you too would add our Shalom to your prayers.

Would you like prayer this week?


Barry and Amy said...

Oh Wow! Praise the Lord for discernment and for Shalom!

Dardi said...

We know this whisper, but it was my husband's heart that was convicted first. I submitted to what Joe was hearing, & then God affirmed it through scripture (1 Timothy 5:5... The widow who is really in need and left all alone puts her hope in God and continues night and day to pray and to ask God for help). I had just read something that had suggested that the modern day widow looks very much like the single mother. That hit me hard b/c we, too, are so thankful when women so unselfishly choose life even when they know that they cannot raise their baby. Through that scripture & prayer, I also felt God was telling me the baby would be a daughter, & that her middle name should be "Hope". When we were presented a situation, we were actually told that the baby was a boy & then when the SW called, I said, "It's a girl, isn't it?" Ha, she wanted to know how I knew!

Anyway, it frustrates me that you live in a state that tries to dictate how many children you can adopt. Isn't that a bit unconstitutional? I mean, we can "choose" everything else?? Ok, I'm getting fired up now.

Shonni said...

Wow...that is so awesome!!!.

Annie Chase said...


I have always loved that word. And the word Shiloh.
I see that lifeline is in Alabama? How exciting.
I'm praising God this morning for another sister!
I'll be praying with you all throughout the whole thing.
Oh I'm so thankful.
Amen Amen Amen!!!

Alyssa said...

I will pray for you! I have askd for your prayers a couple times and they have been answered-- we have been chosen to adopt a 7 yr old boy from the foster system here in oregon! we will be meeting him soon! i appreciate your prayers!

Renata said...

Definitely adding Shalom to my prayers - what a beautiful name! Looking forward in following this journey with you - is there any specifics we can pray for?
Love to you & your family

mom said...


That's all!

Love you!
Tammy ~@~

Julia said...

What a beautiful post and how wonderful that you are adopting again! I will pray for you and little Shalom:). I just love visiting your blog. you are such an encouragement!


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