Mar 17, 2011

A Note From my Childhood

 Once upon a time
I was a wee lass
and my mum read to me daily.

 One of my very favorites was when she read from
A Child's Garden of Verses
by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I loved the poems that became pictures 
in my wee little brain.
How I held that book close 
and studied the illustrations, 
even before I could read the words myself.

The book reminds me of childhood,
of spring,
of times in my mother's lap,
of hours spent in my room paging carefully, 
ever so carefully through the wonderful illustrations. 

Somewhere I have the book tucked away,
perhaps today is the day I need to go down to the cellar bookshelf
and pull it out for my children to enjoy.

What is your favorite childhood memory?


Amie said...

That is sweet, and awesome that your memory goes far back enough to remember looking at the book before you could read it!

My fave memory is when I was about that young, my dad used to play out the Three Little Pigs with me. I would hide in his bedroom and he would huff, and puff, and KICK the door in. Best playmate ever.

Anonymous said...

My favorite childhood memory has to do with books, also. Once in a great great while we would go to the branch library. This was in the 50's (!!!) in the days of ornate woodwork and staircases, and cards in the backs of books, etc. The main floor was the busy place, but the second floor. Ah, the second floor. For the effort of climbing only one flight of stairs, a person could enter full Library Quiet, with wall to wall books, wooden carvings and solitude. We didn't stay very long. I had younger siblings, but once in a while it happened. Fun to remember. Thanks, Kimmee!

Karen said...

I have a similar book. I love it...the pictures are beautiful and the poems are wonderful!

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, I remember when we were children we had a book that had a story for every day of the year and my mum would read the story when we went to bed each night.

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