Mar 13, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday

Need prayer? 

I'd love to pray with you this week...
leave me a note and we will jump start our week with prayer!


Natalie said...

Hi! Love your blog! I do need prayer this week! My dad has terminal cancer and is in quite a bit of pain. He recently moved in with us and is declining rapidly. Please pray for peace and comfort for him and that he will allow me to help him. Also, that his salvation is firm. For me, I seemed to be a ball of hurt feelings. I know it is probably due to stress - we just found out, even though he knew for about a year, he is not getting any treatments and probably has a few months. Anyway, please pray, my heart is breaking on some many levels.

Leslie said...

Kimmie, I would really appreciate prayers for our family. First, the praise, we have our adoption orientation on April 11th! We're so blessed to have found a "no fee" agency, and are excited to get started on our adoption. This brings me to the requests. My hubby is deploying again this May. Please pray for his safety while he's away, and also for our family's well being as we play the roll of single-parent household. In addition to that, please pray that the state and the adoption agency will be willing to work with us in getting some of the red tape out of the way while he's gone, so that we have minimal work to do once he gets back and can work on getting our child(ren) home quicker.

Thank you so much for the prayers and your blog. You really are such an amazing encouragement to me, and I thank God that I found you.

Amrita said...

On Thursday (17th) my sister Anjali will be having a colonoscopy and upper respiratory scan in Canada - please pray everything may come out clear - she is losing blood internally.

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