Mar 18, 2011

Reading, Authors and Jesus Loves Me...

A few things about us:
  • We love Jesus...All of us.
(*I mean we are crazy for Him!)

  • We love to read...All of us.
  • I try to teach the kids to choose good books(if you are going to read, make time for books that are not junk).
    They can be fun, but nothing that Jesus wouldn't sit down to read himself.
  • Our youngest who is nearing her 3rd birthday (I know HOW did this happen so fast?) 
    Loves to be read to.
Her favorite books currently are
By Keiko Kasza.
By Amye Rosenberg

(we told her the author of Choco just once 
and she loved her name so much 
that she began to ask each books author
AND then she began to memorize them.)

A Mother for Choco is a sweet book about a little bird in search of his Mama.  
He can't find one who looks just like him, but when Mrs. Bear find him crying,
she listens to his heart and after a few more pages...
it becomes a beautiful adoption story.

Our little princess has it memorized.  
If you ask her 
she recites the whole book from heart,
including the author.

The other day I found her sitting on the kitchen bench 
with her older sister's childhood Bible in her lap.
  She sat there staring at the cover, 
soaking in all of the letters she is just learning
and trying to figure out what every word must say.  
I stopped what I was doing to listen and this is what I heard:

"The HOLY Bible,
By:  Jesus Loves Me."

She opened it up and began to read, just like she sees all of us do each day. 
She claimed this Bible for her own now and
sits quietly reading to herself, in her imaginary two year old way.

I am sure that God must be smiling at how she signed His name to the cover. 
Every time I pick up my Bible, 
I will always remember that it is by Jesus Loves Me

 And by the way, He loves you just as much!

Enjoy your Friday friends!


Amie said...

I feel like there is almost no book that Jesus Himself wouldn't read... if one of His children wrote it, He would always be interested and find something to cherish about each book. Even, say, Captain Underpants.

Kimmie said...

Hmm, Amie...

I humbly disagree.

There are many books that have things in them that don't honor Him.

He has made it clear that we are to honor Him (even in what we choose to read.) There are many things that God has told us to stay away from or NOT to do. There are things that will only feed our minds (and our thoughts) with things that don't honor Him. These things get planted in us and slowly begin to take root. You know, garbage in garbage out kind of thing.

Of course this doesn't just apply to books, but whatever we choose to put before our eyes,it definitely influences us. Maybe not the first time, but it definitely will effect us (when we know what it is that pleases Him or displeases Him).

Perhaps books for a two year old aren't what I am really talking about, but I teach them from this age to honor Him (as we are CRAZY in love with Him)...and it has to begin early.

Train your children in the way they are to go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6



Adina said...

She's getting so big!

mom said...

She's picked the best book to love, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Rob said...

That's a nice story Kimmie. I'm sure Jesus is very pleased. It is good to see children starting off on the right path, I pray you continue to find the strength to guide your children along the right path because for sure they need help with so much to tempt them from it.

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