Apr 11, 2011

And I call it ...Volcano Bread

It started rather innocently, 
watching a video on sprouted whole wheat bread.
  I had some injera batter (Ethiopian flatbread) that was rather sharp in smell, 
so I poured that into the whole wheat mixture that I intended to sprout overnight.
  I added whole wheat flour, some molasses, some honey, the sour-dough injera mix and tightly covered it with Saran Wrap.  

This sprouted bread is supposed to be easier to digest 
and allows our bodies to access the nutrients much easier.  
Healthy, but boy I only wish I had taken the volcano photos
...I pondered it, but really it was way too messy!

In the morning imagine our surprise when the two large bowls 
were found to have erupted all over the outside of themselves. 
It was quite the mess, which left me irritated and slightly baffled,
as no yeast or leavening was yet incorporated.  
Guess I should read up on sprouted breads before I attempt such things.

I didn't use a recipe, 
but after the volcanic mixture had sat out on the warm counter overnight
I began to make my bread batter...which continued to grow and grow...
I ended up with 5 loaves of bread and two monkey bread wanna be's.

I definitely was happy with the end product,
but boy what a mess!  

Always a bit of excitement in bread making
...bread is so worth it, 
after all it is one of the essential basics in our everyday existence at our house.
No low carb diets for us! 


Leslie said...

Mmmm, those look so good! I love making...and eating, homemade bread. One of these days I WILL find, okay make, the time to start making it again.

Anonymous said...

recipe! recipe!

Sounds like a huge mess... but LOOK at those fine loaves!


Renata said...

This bread looks wonderful, but sounds like there was a lot of mess! How did it taste?

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