Apr 5, 2011

Favorite Photography Shot

One of my favorite things is capturing life in pictures.  
There never seems like I have enough time with my camera in hand,
truly most days the two of us never actually meet.  

I am hoping to etch out some time with the camera in tow. 
I love driving along and catching something out of the corner of my eye that needs
to be snapped and held for just a little longer.

Maybe I will find some time to sneak away
(maybe it will be with a suburban full of kids)
to capture life as it sits waiting to be seen,
in ways
that normally
in the rush 
of life 
that you don't get to see. 

It certainly makes you look at things differently, 
constantly asking yourself
if it is something worthy of capture.

What do you like to capture these days?

 For now I play at home...
amazing the opportunities 
that lie right beneath the place God sets us.


Amie said...

Very cool to see all of the different things you did with that shot!

Rob said...

H Kimmie. Sometimes you get to notice things in a photo that you miss in real life. I think your pictures are very moody. I take many pictures with my cell phone which I usually have with me.

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