Apr 4, 2011

Thanks for the Prayers-Adoption

For those of you who stood with my family today in prayer,
Thank YOU!

The phone conference/interview did take the hour and a half they said and it went well.  The supervisor who stepped into do the interview was very sweet and gentle spirited.  That being said we are told we won't know more for at least a week, when our social worker is due back in the office from her vacation.  

We talked about the agency, about their programs, about their history, about the potential time wait (they are saying up to two years) and then interviews with each of us alone.  They asked questions we expected, about our faith, our church, things like our mental health history, whether we've been arrested, if we lived together before marriage, if we smoked....the answer to the above was all no.  So, I don't think anything would be contrary to their faith based mission which we had already signed with the application (most of this were repeat questions that I guess they just *need* to ask.)  

So we sit and wait.
Well that is not true, there is not much time for such, as we are a family of faith, who passionately are pursuing God in all of this.
Sit no, pray with expectation~YES!

This morning as I was speaking to God about all of this and my concerns with some of the things that were spoken to us last week by the agency, in regards to the type of adoption we would chose (open, semi-open or closed). I clearly heard Him speak Psalm 24.
I threw the trash in the bin (hey, I talk to God every chance I get ...)
I came in and looked it up.  


for those of you who are curious enough to click one more time...

Holding tight to following Him-because everything is His already!
And only He knows when our baby will be born and how long that wait time will be.
I do know that I can trust Him with it.


Kathy C. said...

Proverbs 16:3 is the verse on my heart today. Not sure why. But's a good one.

Kimmie said...

thanks Kathy...that is a wonderful verse to hold close to heart!


Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, I guess its going to be a long week and then having to wait up to two years. I think you would make a good gardener having so much patience, thats how long I have to wait to start getting fruit from my new trees so I know what a long wait it can seem at the start but its surprising how quick it passes because the fruit trees you already have keep you plenty busy while you wait.

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie - I didn't know about this interview, but I have been praying for your adoption. So glad this went well & as you said it's in the Lord's timing. I've been struggling with that as well as we're trying for number 5 - I've had to learn to trust that His will is better than My will & His timing is perfect.
Looking forward to watching this adoption journey

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