May 19, 2011

Goodbye Braces!

Our Hungarian beauty finally got to say
GOODBYE to her braces. 
Poor thing wore them for over 3 years. 
Prior to braces she had big teeth trouble,
so much so that the orthodontist said she was going to be perhaps
her biggest challenge to date. 
(wish I could say I have a picture available to show you,
but alas...tonight I don't)

Her teeth were crossed over each other, some were missing and much trouble was a brewing in regards to pain and problems if we didn't go the braces route.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I am not advocating for every child to have braces, as seems to be the way here in America.  I believe we are the only country that is so obsessed with straight super white teeth (why is that)?  

But when your kids are in pain, to the orthodontist you must go, 
even when you have no dental. 
So after 2 oral surgeries included in the 3 year trips back and forth to the orthodontist...
well we have lovely straight teeth to show for it. 

Happy, happy girl too!


Leslie said...

Aww, she's absolutely beautiful!

Rob said...

Mmmm - I think you need to get a puppy Kimmie because after seeing the pictures I think that shortly you are going to be needing one to keep the boys at bay! I guess the good thing about braces and such things being common is that there is no sigma attached to having to wear them but as you say things have gone a bit to far and after all beauty is not in straight white teeth, it's in the heart and the spirit of a person.

mom said...

YAY! So nice to be done with that and I'm sure it'll give her more confidence, too :-)


Anonymous said...

I remember reading something written by a woman from Croatia stating that you can tell the wealth of a society by how people's teeth look. Teeth are the last health-related thing people think about, so if a person's teeth are good, they must have enough money to take care of everything else. It's an interesting idea, and maybe explains why Americans are so obsessed with teeth looking good.

Kathy C. said...

Yay. Jasmine has major tooth placement issues due to EEC syndrome/cleft palate. Her cranio facial crew started pushing for braces at age 8 (you can alwys just do them twice--uh huh) but our local orth doesn't want to see her until she's 11. He says it's too much for a child younger than that to deal with.

Expat Mom said...

She looks great! It's going to be so great to have those things off . . . I never had them, but my sister did and she had so many little issues with them that she was VERY relieved to get rid of her braces.

Tell your Hungarian princess that she is beautiful . . . with and without the braces. :)

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