May 31, 2011

Jesus and Me- Sabbatical Ends

 I learned a few things over the course of May, as I unplugged in an unconventional way from my normal routines and instead spent a sabbatical time with Jesus. I wasn't sure why it was time to unplug from my friendships or what God wanted to teach me. I wasn't sure at all what God was calling me to, but knew that I could trust Him.  I highly recommend it, (especially if He is calling), as it refreshed me like only fasting (from food- long term) has done for me in the past. 

I feel much more settled, more peace filled, less afraid, I feel released from what I have come to term as oppression that had sunk its evil claws into my life, I feel rested, I feel expectant, I feel hopeful of new joys in friendship to come, I am confident that He who called me is working in my life and deeply cares about what is on my heart and mind.

A few *other* things I learned...

  • you can spend time alone with Jesus!
  • certainly the Father and the Holy Spirit are intertwined with Jesus, but Jesus was calling me into a new level of friendship with Him.
  • Jesus is a manifestation of God's great Mercy and Love
  • He is the giver of Peace
  • Jesus intercedes for us, even better than we can for ourselves...His desire is that we receive wholeness and restoration.
  • Jesus indeed does love me and has been carefully listening to and storing up my prayers over the past His perfect timing He decided to say *NOW* in opening up the blessing storehouse for me.
He has many names that I never thought of as being Jesus...
the Alpha and Omega (from the Greek first and last alphabet letters-
somehow in my mind this was the Father God), 
Counselor (which is one who gives wisdom and guides you in your life choices and decisions),
Wonderful (need I say more?), the Almighty (somehow I thought this referred to the Father God), 
These names of Jesus became real to me in a new way in our time alone.
In my next post I will share the prophetic dream God sent me during the last few days of my time with Jesus.  The dream came...I knew it was from God, like all the other times since my childhood that I just knew that God was speaking to me in a dream.  Suddenly 3 days later, He began to tell me what all of it meant. It was *and IS* very cool!
  Good stuff..hope you'll check back in and see what He had to say to me.


BJ said...

I so feel the need to do this, but how in the midst of kids, and moving, and trying to do school, and, and, and. How did you do it??? I am overwhelmed right now, and I know the best thing would be time with Him.

BringFreedom said...

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.
Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."
1Kepha 3:3~4

Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, I'm pleased that you have found a calm within yourself.

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