May 4, 2011

Jesus and Me...Revision or RE~VISION!

Just wanted to share some of my time with Jesus...
seems I got that little phrase wrong that I heard Him whisper to me 
(note to self, write it down when He says it)...
what I thought He said~

"Sometimes we walk down bunny trails, other times we walk down paths of lions."

As I was spending time with Him, He graciously corrected me.  
He said, "That isn't what I said or meant. This is what I meant...
"Sometimes you walk down bunny trails (easy, carefree times in life) and other times you walk down the Lion's path." (Lion-meaning Jesus- Rev. 5:5) 

Oh the difference of an apostrophe and a capital letter!

The Lion is one of the characterizations of Jesus.  It shows His power and authority.  Jesus is telling me that this path (direction, way of life) is going to be a time of direct contact with Him.  It is a time where I will know His Presence, His love, His power and His authority in my life- in a much deeper and meaningful way than I have. We will be walking down His path, the one He has chosen and one that will bring us into His Presence!!
(***and in His Presence is healing...
which will remove the heaviness of Spirit that I have been carrying!)

How exciting is that?  

Psalm 73:28

But as for me, it is good to be near God. 
I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; 
I will tell of ALL Your deeds.

my prayer~

Oh Father; 
What will you teach me on the Lion's path? I sense it is narrow, with only room for my feet along its way.  But I know Lord that I never walk alone, for You are always with me.  Open my eyes Lord, make my heart soft in your hands.  Lead me down paths of righteousness for your namesake. Come Lord Jesus and guide and direct me on this path.
In Jesus' name Amen.


Karen said...

In the nursery on Sunday I was reading "Tootle" to my son, and it struck me how just like Tootle needed to "stay on the rails no matter what" we need to "stay on God's path no matter what." And just like when Tootle was off the tracks, the engineer, Bill, brought people around him to draw him back to the tracks, So God can draw us back to the track. But Tootle had a choice, he could've ignored the red flags waving in the fields...and we have a choice, too. Tootle didn't, he got back on track and went on to become a famous flyer who taught others. If we get back on track when we get off track, we, too, can be used by God to encourage others to stay on track.

Kimmie said...

Karen...that is good stuff!


Saminda said...

This is so beautiful Kimmie. :) Love how God gently corrected your mistake!

Would you pray for me friend? Lots (of hard stuff) going on here. Heartbroken and needing prayer. Thanking you. xx

mom said...

Walking down the Lion's path is not always easy, dear Kimmie, unless we keep in the forefront of our mind that we do it WITH the Lion's strength and power! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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