May 23, 2011

Walk with Us in the Woods

We walked,
we took 300 some pictures...
mostly of my piratey girl and her guy.  JoJo was given a week leave from the Air Force
and we decided it was time that we introduced him to our favorite little piece (or peace) 
of Heaven here on earth.

Any time in the woods is always a good time in my book.  

Unfortunately at the end of the trip our little Princess Mercy took a stumble
and got a pretty big gash across the bridge of her nose to the very edge of her eye.
It didn't need stitches, but boy was it a close call. 
Weeks later and we still have a pretty big mark, slowly it is fading.

It has rained so much over the past few weeks
that we haven't had any woods time. 
I am feeling the need to get outside and enjoy another spring time stroll through the forest. I find it helps to center my heart and bring me back to a place of great peace within my soul, after all of life's commitments and busyness.  

I wonder why that is?

1 comment:

Expat Mom said...

Great photos! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time (except for the gash part, poor thing). We recently had a chance to take the boys to the woods, too and there is such peace there. I miss being immersed in nature.

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