Jun 29, 2011

Boy Needs Emergency Room of His Own

Okay, King Meemer now 9, has had ANOTHER trip to the ER.  This time not for a fall down the stairs (broken arm) (he was in foster care prior to him being adopted by us), not from a gash in the forehead (when he ran into a wall at church), not from his leg being jammed into his new two wheeler, but this time for a nice gash in his leg due to a playtime accident at his Aunt and Uncle Z's house.  

This picture isn't from today, but it could be, my boy is a tough guy.  No tears, brave, brave, brave!  I didn't think he needed stitches, but Papa took him because he disagreed.  Turns out that I am no doctor, and though there was little blood, because of the location it required 5 stitches.

The worst part is no swimming or baths for 2 whole weeks.  No soccer games that are played nearly constantly with his siblings or anyone he can convince to play a game. 

This Mama feels bad. 

My boy loves to swim at the club pool and at the lake.  Did I mention that it is summer here...like just a few days in to it.  sigh.  Looks like a spray bottle and a chair with toes dipped into the water is in order.  

Did I mention that I never took any kids the the ER
before my son came 5 years ago. 
Times they sure do change things...and so do boys!

And I have been told the nurse at the ER said,
'Take it slow and easy for 2 weeks...'
I am wondering if she said it 
with a good laugh added in for measure.


Kathy C. said...

Slow and wasy doesn't describe most boys that age.

Amie said...

He may miss out on some summer fun, but at least he will be have some good stories--and the scars to go with them!

Bird's Words said...

our son is the ER king around here. when he broke his arm, I swore nothing was wrong with it. The next day, he still refused to move it, so I took him (really thinking "what a waste of money"). To my dismay, it was broken in two places. He announced "my mom is a nurse, though apparently not a very good one" :) I had to remind him that I'm a psychiatric nurse, and bones are not my specialty! haha!
Hope your son is on the mend soon!

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