Jun 18, 2011

Feasting on His Goodness

Feasting On HIS Goodness
my current list of thanks:

91.  For ever growing fat bellies of my three little wild things (see above photo).

92.  For two girlfriends who came over to help me stain my barn and garage~
just to be with me.

93.  For poison ivy medication...man does it help the itch at night!
94.  For my sweet friend Beth who had us over last night...
what a wonderful time of refreshing!

95.  For my family who helped me weed the garden...
all the rain had made quite the weed extravaganza

96.  For a movie night at my mom's house...
we watched 3 episodes of Daniel Boone 
(second season-1964)

97.  For an afternoon at the (town) lake with Michele and Beth...after a few hours of staining together-the kids had so much fun!

98.  For an unexpected $250 check in the mail- as God put us on someone's heart.

99.  For a prophetic word given to me through my friend Heini...
it came at the perfect time and made me realize just how much God has me covered

100. (yeah!)  
For the fact that finally we seem to be inching forward in  
our adoption 
...soon we will be working on our profile to be shown to birthmothers


Greta Jo said...

Hey Kimmie- So many blessings.... God is good. Where are you adopting from? Have you ever posted about struggles and blessings from adopting an older child? Jonathan and I are praying about adopting a child over the age of 7. What are your thoughts?

Kimmie said...

Go for it. If God put it on your heart and you have felt (both of you) His leading...then step out in faith.

I have said it over and over...you are NEVER too old to be adopted.

We are adopting from the U.S....using an agency out of Georgia that counsels pregnant moms who aren't sure about parenthood. (leaning towards abortion, but often instead through prayer, choose adoption.)


Renee said...

So excited for you! Praying for you!

Cathy said...

Great things. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad the Lord is answering your prayers concerning friendships.

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