Jun 26, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday!!

Hey, I'd love to pray with you this week...how about it?  

Your friend...


Greta Jo said...

Hey Kimmie! How are you? I hope all is well with you and your family. Would you please pray for the new baby? She has her days and nights confused so needless to say its hard us. She sleeps all day and is up most if not all night.
Thanks Kimmie :)

Marisa said...

Hey. It's not Sunday anymore, but I have had pretty severe stomach problems for 5 weeks now. After many tests - everything from bloodwork to colonoscopys and ultrasounds, they think they have finally figured out the cause and given me what's hopefully the correct medicine. It seemed to help for a few days just like all the other 10+ medicines I had over the past weeks, but I'm starting to go downwards again. Please pray for healing and revelation from God if it is something more...as a missionary in Thailand it's not always easy to experience these things, and I'm praying I get well soon!


Becky said...

Hi Kimmie, it has been a long time since I updated my request, but I would like to ask you to continue to pray for the reconciliation of our marriage. DS age 10 is having such a hard time lately missing dad. Had 3 really good months earlier in the year, then a wall went up again. God is able to do more than we could ever think to ask for!! Thank you for praying.

MommaMindy said...

Tha.nks for asking, I appreciate your heart of faith. I am in CA visiting my oldest daughter and her family. She is expecting #3 any day. We'd like her to have the baby before I have to go back to WA, and, of course, have a healthy baby and Mommy. I prayed for the other three requests, as well, may the Lord hear and answer and uphold you all with His victorious right arm. May you feel His love and His presence during you trials.

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