Jun 13, 2011

Prophetic Dream Interpretation...

Dreams are just another way that God tries to speak to us, sometimes He needs to use the blackboards of our minds to get the message to us.  Many times during the day we miss the message He is sending, but at night our spirit is quiet and open for Him to move.

My time was ending with my Jesus and Me sabbatical, 
which was about me pushing away for a time (May) to press into God.  

I had become burdened in my friendships, I hit a wall so to speak.  I heard the Holy Spirit wooing me to step away alone with Him, so that He could begin to heal and teach me about the stuff on my heart (wanting deeper friendships).  In the last days of my time, God sent me a very graphic dream.  Funny, at the time I knew it was a God sent dream, but was just enjoying chewing on the visual of it for several days following. 


then God showed up and began feeding me what it all meant (the interpretation of the dream). I hadn't even asked for the interpretation, the dream itself had been such a gift, but God wanted to teach me more. (Doesn't He always, if we just make ourselves open to Him!)

So here goes...the interpretation...

The friend who picked me up and took me on the day trip was JESUS himself (this was His was of saying and confirming; "Yes, you can spend time alone with me." Which was a big question I had when I felt God calling me to time alone with Jesus).  In my dream I just knew it was a very close friend.  I knew it was someone who knew what I liked and wanted me to be blessed.  This friend made it evident throughout the dream that my heart was a priority to Him.  The whole thing was about me pushing away from things that just brought pleasure, to actually receiving what my heart was waiting for.
The red car we were driving in...the red represents the sacrifice that was paid for me, and also the suffering I was going through in friendship(s).  The car was my life/ministry - it was moving to the right.  Right (direction) was showing that the Power of God was going to be revealed through man.  It was showing me that my life (and the ministries God has given me) were moving towards a place of His Authority and Power moving in a new freedom.  It would happen as a natural change that would occur as I submitted my heart and my life to Him.

The day trip itself showed that Jesus knows the things on my heart.  He knows the desires and He alone knows how to bring me to a place where He can give me (or let me enter) into receiving from Him in this area.  He was driving (leading me) and I was just receiving eagerly and willingly from Him.  The blessings came, first small and then big. He plans of bringing me into a new place (a Waterfall so to speak) of blessing.

The day was a Saturday- which He told me means a time for New HOPE!  I need to up my expectations, though everything in the natural (many bad friendships in the past) would tell me to do anything but that.  

The old white house represents my basic needs and values.  White is showing purity, righteousness and holiness- Jesus is saying that He has seen it all (my life) and that He is going to move into this area with me and do the fixing up.  Though I just saw the house as a solid beauty, the Lord saw it as a gift He wants to give me.  It is about trust, receiving a new level of depths that my heart is wanting in my friendships- but He is the one who is going to bring them, and do the restoration that is needed.  

The brown cardboard boxes represent the flesh.  They were filled with lots of neat things, and the prices were good, but I had to come to a place where I could use discernment- realizing that though I liked what I saw I didn't really * need* any of it.  Jesus is saying I am coming into a time where I will have a greater understanding (discernment) to what is important and what isn't. Where my time should be spent, where I should be poured out, and where my time (or life) shouldn't be.  It will be become very clear and the desires will be very vision focused (to the deep desires He has put in my spirit).  

The house was to the farthest part north in town. North shows movement toward the throne of God...coming under His authority and power.   The yard was very green, the Lord showed me that this was that their was new life coming, prosperity and growth for me personally...(the house was me, the yard is the fruit so to speak).   The house was also on a hill, the hill showed upward movement...moving forward towards God.  

The sewing machine and books represented to me things that I love. ( I long to have more reading time, studying time and also time for creativity (sewing)...but it is not time for this ) I had to walk away from these items, for the time wasn't right for these now.  However Jesus was leading toward bigger things within the house (my life/ministry.) 

The interior of the house was mainly spent in the living room.  It was large and light (due to many windows).  Though it was a multilevel house, as I stood in the living room it seemed as there was no roof above me.  As if only heaven itself was the light source for me. How true that Jesus is my light ...but He is also telling me to believe for more (to remove my ceilings)...so that He can pour in the blessings.  The living room represents space and  new freedom. 

The revelation within this living room is that I want to own it.  Jesus is telling me that I want it, but fear is keeping me (or trying) from receiving it.  The first thing after I realize that I love and want this house (increase in my life/ministry and in the area of friendships), that I step forward to the north of the house.  I look out these north facing windows and see 3 abandoned houses.  They are shoulder to shoulder with each other, no yards, only a small alleyway in between each.  

The 3 houses represent 3 of my friends.  These 3 friends are the ones who have been on my heart, the ones that led me towards this time alone with Jesus.  As I see the houses and the shape I want to change my mind on owning this house.  The ugliness makes me want to say no to it.  We already talked about what north meant, but windows show hope. The owner of the house (God) leads me to the west side of the house, to a porch.  The porch is full of windows that look down into a new developed area.  I am told that this side of the yard that is a very steep hill down to the town/shops will not be my worry or concern.  This west side- west representing the end of a time or season in my life...would be taken care of fully by the shop owners.  It was beautifully landscaped and another reason to want the house, as who in their right mind would want to maintain a hill with so many bushes and landscaping. (and it was beautiful). 

The steep hill showed my hardships and trials in friendships, the bushes the injustice that was covered by God (under His control).
He then leads me back to the North Windows and tells me this renovation project is coming next and it will be fixed by Him (restoration and renovation in my friendships!!) 

I was reminded that the east and south side was where I had walked outside for .  The east represents change, Sonrise - his glory and light revealed.  

The living room full of refrigerators showed my heart motive and attitude and what was stored in my heart.  Some were old appliances, one was new.  God was saying that His provision would be abundant (there were so many refrigerators)...but also that they were beautiful old ones reflected the fact that He knows what brings me joy and what will be the perfect blessings.  
The refrigerator filled with oranges and orange juice, that perpetually gave is a reminder of His ability to refresh me and to rejuvenate me.  Oranges stand for courage and strength-energy and vitality! It means a time of refreshing as I stand waiting on Him.  

I am so thankful for Jesus, for His love for me and for giving me this dream and its interpretation.  
I am putting it down here because I want Him to use all of my life for His glory.  I hope it encourages you to look for Him in all of your life.  If you haven't ever had God speak to you in a dream, ask Him.  Then be ready ...put a pen and pad near your bed and see what it is He is saying to you!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Kimmie!
I hope this will be a springboard, in a sense, to you and for new doors to open wide.
Thank you so much for sharing your heart and this private spot in your life. Amazing dream... I'm going to listen more intently to Him because of what you shared here. You're a blessing!


Karen said...


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