Jun 21, 2011

Want a Face Lift?

Last night I went to my last class on, The Gift of Prayer, at my church.  We had the opportunity to pray for each other and put to practice some of what we were taught over the course of 5 weeks.  I had no problem praying with the woman who came to me and asked me to pray for her middle back pain, but when they switched us around to the receiving of prayer...

somehow I couldn't think of anything I needed prayer for.

Can you imagine!  

I couldn't think of one thing ...really I am dumbfounded, as truly I am a PRAYER JUNKIE.  I constantly go up to the altar at my church for prayer.  Often not asking for anything in particular, but just wanting to press into the heart of God.  

Well after a few moments of me hemming and hawing, I asked Ann if she could pray for wisdom for me.  Truly it is something I desire and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn...but wisdom is so much higher than knowledge, as it comes directly from God Himself.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart to ask for wisdom. I heard myself asking for wisdom...

So Ann began to pray.  I opened myself up to receiving and believe fully that God is going to gift me with wisdom.  

This morning I am reading Ecclesiastes chapter 8 look what it says:

verse 1
Who is like the wise man?
Who knows the explanation of things?
Wisdom brightens a man's face
and changes its hard appearance.  

not only will I receive wisdom, 
but an apparent face lift thrown in for fun!  
If you want a face lift too...

seek God...

it all begins when we give Him our honor and respect (fear).
Wisdom comes from knowing and trusting God;
its not merely a way of finding Him.  
Knowing God (having His wisdom) will help us understand greater things 
and then we will be able to share it with others!


Shanniel Shakespeare said...

I've been following your blog for sometime now and one thing I wonder is how do you keep your relationship with God so constant? You sound so full of joy yet at times I wake up and don't even know how to approach God because I feel so unworthy to approach Him? How do you do it?

Cathy said...

That's awesome! What a great promise regarding the benefits of wisdom and of seeking the Lord. It's so true too that wisdom is so far beyond knowledge. It's a gift from him...like contentment or sacrificial love. We are so incapable of it on our own. We must rely on him.

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