Jul 9, 2011

Feasting on His Goodness!

My journal of thanks~

101.  For my girlfriend Cyndee who also is a doctor, 
who quickly eased my mind about the scratches
Princess Mercy has on her face. 
(Cyndee also has dark skin and is my go to girl 
when I have any questions pertaining to my African daughters!)
*her scratches happened months ago...but are still very dark and noticable...Cyndee is going to a doctor's conference in 2 weeks and is taking photos of my baby with her to show every  dermatologist of color that she can find ;-)

102.  For my time in the Word (reading the Bible Chronologically)...
2 Kings is amazing!

103.  For an invite to my girlfriend Michele's lake house-
the kids had a blast swimming and playing in the lake.

104.  That King Meemer only has a few days left of his 
stitches having to stay out of the water

105.  That I have at least 105 things to be thankful for!

106.  For my (adoption) social worker 
who gave me her home phone number
  so she can help me whenever she can (sigh, isn't God good!)

107.  For finding My Publisher!...
 so I can make the profile book to show potential birth mothers 
(think scrapbook of our testimony)

108.  For two ladies at church who prayed over me last weekend 
(as I was under fear in making an album to showcase us-
the fear was over the fact that I am now an *older* mama)

109.  For hydrangea's in white, pinkish-lavender and ocean blue
that are blooming in my garden prolifically 

110.  For a date night out with some other couples 
on Thursday night...
good food and great fellowship
(and for daughter's who can babysit
for the party of all the children who are hanging out together at my house!)

Hey...what are you thankful for?


Electric Daisy said...

I'm thankful for you Kimmie, who spoke a prayer over me that made my eyes cry but my heart sing!

HouseOfSmooches said...

HI Kimmie! I have experienced the same thing with Natalie....even the smallest scratch seems to leave a mark for the longest time! I'd be interested to know what your doctor says!

And yay for another step done and making your book! You have beautiful pictures for it!!

Expat Mom said...

Please do share what the doctors say . . . I've had similar problems with Dorian. Chickenpox that he never scratched left horrid dark marks on his nose and chin and I have no idea what to do about them (though someone said cocoa butter works, so we're trying that). Dante's skin tone is lighter and he seems to vanish scars for the most part, but Dorian gets a mark for every little scratch!

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