Jul 26, 2011

A Flynderella God Love Story

This is kind of a bug focused week, so hang on while I share my heart (yesterday was ant day).  Today will be fly day, if you will.

It's summer in my end of the world and guess what that means; an excess of flies.   
I detest flies.  
They remind me of filth and just hearing them buzzing about my house, makes me down right crazed.Not that I live in a palace or anything, but I just don't like their presence in my house.  I happily whack at them and ask the kids, if I find a kid with free hands wandering about, if they have time to, "Give a headache to a fly for me." (meaning kill it!

So while I was ranting and raving this week about how much I detest flies and who was letting them all in and still managing to constantly watch the door for anyone who might be slow to close it, thus inviting the unwelcomed guests inside our humble abode, more seemed to be arriving.

As many as I gave a massive headache to, more  would arrive.  Why wasn't word getting out that this was not a fly friendly atmosphere? 

As I was grumbling under my breath I heard God whisper, "I wish you hated sin as much as you hate these flies I keep sending to you."  

A simple reminder of priorities and where I am focusing my hatred.  Somehow I had gotten out of whack with my perspective of what I should be detesting.

How often am I guilty of this?  Too often I am sure.  Where I embrace sin, instead of developing a plan of attack to 'give it a headache' in my life (kill it/get it out!!)  Sin has a way of making itself comfortable, and we begin to embrace it instead of kicking it out on its fat ole' behind.

As soon as I heard I told God I was sorry.  How right He was over my attitude toward sin.

Then do you know what God did? 

He reminded me how I kinda was like this fly.
  I tend to carry the "filth"  (SIN: wrong doing)  around too.  And though I never saw myself like these miserable flies, we were more alike than I could have imagined.  
Now God was not trying to kill every ounce of my self esteem, trying to make me walk around with my head downcast or anything.  Because in the next breath He showed me that I am more like the Cinderella (or Flynderella if you will) of flies.

As I come to Him with all of my filth (sins), He forgives me as I confess them (yes, sometimes He needs to remind me as they have become a little to welcome in my life).  He cleanses me, washes away all the filth and dresses me up in what He calls 'robes of righteousness.'  Cinderella called this her ballgown.  Imagine me, all fancied up by God's hand, taking away my old nasty rags and instead putting on me an outfit that far surpasses anything that I could give myself. 

Can you see me (a giant Mama fly) all dressed up in a beautiful white robe made and given to me by God because He has forgiven me and loves me.

Imagine that for you too.  

I will never look at those nasty flies the same, now perhaps as I bring them to their little fly knees, there will be a smirk on my face, in remembrance of what God showed me today.


Rob said...

Hi Kimmie, you sound like my Tommy. Whenever a fly is around all you can hear is buzz buzz snap snap as Tommy is chasing round the house trying to catch it. He even does it in the dark, goodness knows how he sees them.

nantuckettiechic said...

Hi! I just did a post (#178) on the same problem. I let cellar spiders build webs all over my house because they catch the flies. Try Tat Fly Paper. If you decorate like I do, no one will even notice and it works right away. I'll take tacky over buzzing anyday. Have to go crack open my Bible now. It's my spiritual flypaper...

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Amazing...now I'll never look at a fly in the same way either. Beautiful spiritual application!!

Katie said...

And what's even more amazing is that despite our filth, he chose to show us *mercy*... think of it, no fly swatter for us. Just mercy beyond mercy. Even for us, those annoying, little, sinning flies.

MommaMindy said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful sister. I love how your heart is so intune with the Lord, you even hear his voice while giving flies headaches. :)

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