Jul 30, 2011

My current list of thanks to God:

111.  For a heart filled with passion for God, even when others can't understand

112.  For 3 week guests (who grew up in Ethiopia with my Princess Sweetness-14)

113.  For Aldi's (grocery store)...boy are the snacks cheap!

114.  For Shakespeare camp for my oldies (Fozzdike, Princess Sunshine, Princess Giggles and her sweet Ethiopian girlfriend Genet).

115. For a unexpected phone call from Becky,
who wants to get together and teach me how to finish a quilt top
I have been wanting to quilt-
i.e. playdate on Monday!!

116. For a few moments to de-dust my dresser
(embarrassing how much fur had accumulated).

117.  For r.a.c.c.o.o.n.s and the joy they bring me 
(unexplainable joy from heaven straight to my heart!)
2 weeks and they move to the woods ;-(

118.  For a Knight who built them a play tower for the master bath

119.  That my Heavenly Father calls me His beloved (because He loves me more than I can even wrap my mind around).

120.  For Saturday mornings to sit at the computer and jot down some of my thoughts to share.


Anonymous said...

When my son was four, he consistently called racoons: "ran-goons". He was concerned when we ordered "crab rangoon" from the corner Chinese restaurant. LOL!
Enjoy your little Masked fuzzies!

mom said...

Me thinks those raccoons won't survive in the outdoors! They have definitely become domesticated!

Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

Hi Kimmie - I loved your list - thank you for sharing. I hope you're enjoying your summer over there - sounds like you've been busy, but having a great time! I hope the raccoon transition goes well!
Have a wonderful day

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