Jul 31, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday

Hi dear One's...

Do you have something weighing on your heart and mind that we can lift to God in prayer?  He is waiting (actually He is well aware of your needs, but is just waiting for you to come to Him)...won't you share your burden so we can lift it together to Jesus today?

Praying for you to have courage...remember we are not in this world alone, we have each other and we are called to carry each others burdens.  I'd love to stand with you and believe God together this week.

James 5:16
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.


BJ said...

We need prayers for our finances. We are trying to downsize our spending, and are attempting to sell our house. We have moved into my in-laws house, which we will be purchasing once our house sells. Until then, we have a mortgage and rent payment to make each month. There are tons of expenses that you forget about when preparing to sell, and we are overwhelmed. On top of that, summer is our tightest season, as my husband has only one client to transport (he has a special needs transportation business - very busy through the school year). We have $60 left in our account at the moment, a bounced mortgage payment, and I'm struggling to not freak out. We helped someone out in June with a fairly substantial amount of money, and I'm really struggling with that decision at the moment. I know God blesses your giving, but right now, I'm struggling with the whole situation.

Katie said...

Please pray for one of my closest (and practically life-long) friends, Mariah, who is my age, 15 years old. She was diagnosed with brain cancer two months ago and, as of last Wednesday, has undergone two brain surgeries to remove as much as possible of the main tumor on her brain stem (1st surgery) and also a smaller nodule (2nd surgery). She begins radiation in a month or so in a town 5 hours from home. It is a 6 week process, with treatments 5 days a week. They will come home on weekends. Also pray for the whole family, as the two oldest children (ages 19 and 17) will be staying home alone during those weeks for school and work, the 13 year old brother will be staying with a close friend and the two little sisters (ages 5 and 9) will be with Mariah and her parents at Radiation. I'm sure it won't be easy for the family to be spread apart during times like these, but God is faithful to provide sufficient grace for our needs. Also pray that they can get a fantastic and clear pathology report from the second surgery, as the first surgery didn't provide that, so it's hard to know exactly what kind of cancer it is.

Mariah is a saved child of God, with a passion for the Savior. She thanks and praises God for giving her this cancer, to have an opportunity to bear it for Him and bring Him glory! Amazing girl... I love her so much!

I will have a hard time leaving her when we move on Saturday, because I want to be alongside of her every step of the road. However, I know that the Lord loves her even more than I do and he will take care of her.

Thanks Kimmie!
Katie :)

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