Jul 7, 2011

Sewing Toys with Fleece

Fleece is easy to sew with.  

It behaves nicely, it requires little pinning (if any) and allows you to create as you go!
My idea of a good time with my sewing machine.  

Fleece is often on sale over the summer.  This is the time I stock up, as each
Christmas my 8 children get a new creature filled with stuffing and dried lavender to sleep with.  
If you've never sewed, this is a great way to start.

Cut your fabric slightly larger than you want your finished project to be. Keep your shape simple (think large kidney bean shape).

You will need:
fleece-thread-scrap fabric (optional)
1/4 or 1/2 inch extra on each piece for sewing (seam allowance)
2 main body pieces (head and body are attached-think kidney shape)
4 ears (if you want ears)
4 arms (make sure they are cut wide enough to turn and stuff!)
4 legs (wide enough to turn and stuff)

  I take the front body piece and apply eyes, face and such first-stitching them on with decorative stitches.  If I am sewing anything on to the ears or on to paws(think pads), I do this before I sew these body parts on to the creatures main body. 

Once your are *faced* or decorated, then you can sew all your parts together.  Sew ears and paws (right sides together), then attach them (you can use pins if it makes it easier for you).  Turn them right side out.  Stuff them lightly.  Attach to front of main body (faced part).  I pin the part that hasn't been stuffed (the opening) to the body edge and carefully position the parts, so that I don't sew them down as I stitch around the body to join them.

 Place arms and legs on to faced body, make sure you are only sewing about a 1/4 inch of opening of each arm/leg/ear.  Lay other (back part of main body) over faced body. 

Sew all the way around, leaving an opening to turn and stuff main body (at least a 4 inch opening is recommended).  

Stuff (lavender is lovely). 

Hand sew up remaining hole.

Hug and enjoy...or give it to someone you know will!

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Annie Chase said...

Its the bestest present ever! And Lavender smells amazing!!! Followers - you simply must do this for your own kids.

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