Jul 25, 2011

What We were Told...Lies I tell YOU!

I was having a conversation a few days back, as I was carefully crossing off the zillions of accumulating errands that needed to be tended to,with my daughter Princess Sweetness (14) and Princess Giggles (12).My fourteen year old was adopted a bit over a year ago from Ethiopia, Africa.  

Somehow we got on the subject of eating(had we been gone so long that we were beginning to waste away??) and we began to talk about weird things people eat.She began to laugh and then to whisper to her sister Princess Sunshine. I asked what they were whispering about.
Princess Sunshine burst into giggles. 

She said that Princess Sweetness said she was told back when she lived in Africa, that Americans ate ants. Princess Sunshine just couldn't believe that someone would have told her that.  But Princess Sweetness with the seriousness that only comes from that sweet Ethiopian princess' face, said,
"Yes they did.  And I believed them. 
I was worried that when you adopted me that I would have to eat ants." 

I began to laugh, partly in thinking of how I could have possibly gotten her to eat an ant (though we seem to have an excess of them this year),as I can't even get her to eat breakfast cereal
(yes, I am still making coffeecake and muffins
for every breakfast, BIG SIGH). 

But also...

because as a girl my parents told me that same lie about people in Africa.
  They told me they ate ants and that they were like a snack on a regular basis for them. 
I was totally grossed out.

I shared with my Ethiopian daughter that I had been told the same thing about Africans. 
She was appalled.
How could anyone think that she would snack on ants.

Not saying that some people don't do this, just saying that people are funny
and we tell our kids some pretty weird things.

I love it when I learn something new about my daughter's life prior to her coming to our home.  I love to hear about her Ethiopian culture and the things that stand out as significant in her mind. Adoption, it is a wonderful adventure.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to find out the truth about who is not eating ants...
might have to do some homeschool research this year to see who actually is eating those ants, so as to set the record right once and for all.


Karen said...

Well if you find out...I want to know! :-)

Valerie said...

Brazilians... at least when I was there. On a mission trip back in '98 I went to Joao Pessoa. The locals would pick up ants - larger than any ant I have ever seen - and pop them in their mouth as soon as they had enough collected to satisfy. Sometimes they would pop the heads off first, other times they just ate them whole. For us, they fried some up on the stove with a few spices. I passed. My passport was stamped, that was good enough for me. I'm fine saying that I went to Brazil and DIDN'T eat ants... but other people on my team ate them.

Kathy C. said...

We seem to have the little sweet ants EVERYWHERE right now so I am probably eating ants too. Gross!

mom said...

Aw, I was just going to offer you the ants I found in my garden! ;-)

I just noticed your sidebar pictures....please tell me it isn't fall already at your house!!!!


Lori said...

Love, love the new pictures of your children. They are all so beautiful and handsome as I know they are on the inside too. Adoption is so wonderful. So glad God gave you these children and He gave the children you and your husband.

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Interesting you should mention this. God has been helping me to realize how open I must be to other cultures and most importantly the need to steer clear of stereotypes and misinformation. As Christians we have to be careful (esp. as parents)the things we allow our children to believe. It is nice that you are an open and good role model of acceptance to your children.Keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Kimmie ~ this should be published and you should be paid well for this wonderful, hilarious story that is like sweet vitamins to my laugh-starved soul today.
Bless you...

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