Aug 13, 2011

Feasting On His Goodness

121.  For 4 months of raising 3 masked critters
which will be released next week to a perfectly beautiful serene spot in the forest 

122.  Glad we will be able to do food drop offs 
for the 3 critters until they get established in their new home

123.For beautiful memories of my r.a.c.c.o.o.n mama-ing days
(everyone was worried about them bonding to me,
but everyone seemed to forget that I would be bonded to them!
Oh, a mother's heart !)

124.  For the tiny paws that helped to rub the conditioner through my hair as I bathed 
(yes, hard not to laugh, but they are obsessed with running their fingers through my hair.)

125. For the mop I bought at target that has been used 3-5 times dail
in my master bathroom (i.e. clean up after the 3 wild things).

126.  For homemade coleslaw that came out awesome

127. For my friend Becky who shares her gifts, talents and time with me
(and my love for coffee at Starbucks)

*I had the revelation of how in May God told me to take a sabbatical from
friendships-I was struggling with one that had gone bad and not knowing what to expect anymore from the ones that I still had.   As I stepped out in obedience,
He began to bless me in ways only HE knew could
(i.e. see above picture)
as I draw to a close with my furry friends,
He has brought me a new friendship with Becky.
Funny how you can know someone for a long time,
but not realize that actually they were a kindred spirit!

(Becky making a tart for a treat for us...taking a break from teaching me how to quilt!)

128.  For my oldest who always is willing to help watch the littles,
so I can occasionally meet up with friends (or just escape!)

129.  For a beautiful 25th anniversary dinner (which my kids all insisted that we go out alone)
at a little bistro called Cafe Mangia

130.  For homemade sangria 
which my Knight makes better than anyone else~
because he knows how much I like it

1 comment:

Bird's Words said...

i just love reading these posts Kimmie. And I also happen to really LOVE homemeade sangria. now I REALLY wish we lived closer :)

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