Aug 19, 2011

Great Math Site (attention HOMESCHOOLers)

Need help with upper math levels? 

In looking to brush up on our Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and Pre- Calculus, I found this great site.  I am going to use it HEAVILY...for 3 of my older students this year.  Maybe you want to check it out too?  It claims to be an aid to 13-100 year old math students.

Easy to follow, practice available and done with an ere to eye appeal (for your visual learners!) Can you believe it is already back to school time!
Happy learning!


Leslie said...

I completely believe it's time for school already, but that might be because we just finished our third week today. We decided to start a bit early so we could take a break when my husband returns in just a couple weeks, and not fall behind. :)

jan said...

super happy you get to keep your raccoon babes a little longer! yay!!!

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