Aug 21, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday

Prayer is like an egg...
it is full of life if you can wait on it with an expectant heart.

Need prayer?


Sarah said...

Be blessed today. I seldom have time to comment, but such a joy to read.

Today, prayer for our family homeschool goals, setting them, asking the Holy Spirit to direct them, and knowing that they ultimately have nothing to do with academics.

1. A family led completely by the Holy Spirit, not emotions.
2. Wrapping my kids in God's kind of love, which has been shed in my heart each and every day.

jan said...

wow, can i just say ditto (and amen!) to sarah's comments? school starts tomorrow :)

and maybe also that our paperwork would be filed with the US Embassy for abe and lydia in ethiopia (they are 8 and 9.5)

thank you!!!! xoxoxo

p.s. do you still have the babies?

Kimmie said...

Hi Jan and Sarah!

Yes...though they leave dinner time. They have a beautiful new home hand picked out by God ;-)
not too far from here. My heart is a bit heavy (a hard night sleep from thinking this is our last night together.)

I need to let them be who God made them to be- but so hard because I love them so.

Will be praying for you.

Thanks Jan for explaining your adoption (I wasn't sure if it was Ethiopia or not for your family).
What agency are you using?

Sarah...praying for all of your needs too!


Anonymous said...

Yes need much prayer for a backsliddin daughter who is a victim of domestic violence, has a baby and still needs to deal with custody issues. He is not a safe bet.. She left him right away after first incident and moved back to her home state. He is unsaved and she needs to rededicate her life to God..They are not married.,..

Kimmie said...

dear Anonymous-

Gladly praying for your daughter and for her Mama's heart.


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