Aug 8, 2011

Teens in the Kitchen (Ethiopian cooking)


Princess Sweetness has a guest visiting- it is a girl she grew up with in Ethiopia.  Both she and her sweet friend Genet shared the orphanage experience together for several years.  A year post their adoptions, God has reconnected them for 3 weeks at our house!  How good is our God!

They have enjoyed cooking together, reminiscing over their time in the orphanage kitchen when the wise director, Eyob, had each girl pair with another and learn under the hand of the nanny; how to cook Ethiopian food.  And learn they did, as these girls are amazing in the kitchen.  I am speaking as a girl experienced in the kitchen, they really far exceed my knife skills.  

I made the injera (Ethiopian flat bread) and they made the rest;  doro wat (spicy chicken with boiled eggs), denish wot (potatoes in a berbere sauce...spicy too!), a green bean dish that I don't know the name of (yummy), and a lentil dish that also is nameless currently, but more than delicious.   

They beamed at the opportunity to take over the kitchen.  Several hours of prep work and we sat down to a wonderful authentic Ethiopian dinner.  This week they will cook another Ethiopian meal, I am salivating already just at the mere thought of it. If you have never eaten Ethiopian food, I recommend that you search out a local restaurant and give it a try.  Never did I think I would eat Ethiopian food, never did I think that I would someday have two Ethiopian princess' of my own, but then again God is full of all kinds of surprises.

Genet has been the best guest we ever had.  She is sweet, gentle spirited, kind and helpful.  A low maintenance girl with a heart of gold.  We hope to have her visit again and again and again.

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, 
and this one is delirious!


Kathy C. said...

How nice to have a friend there who has shared experiences.

nantuckettiechic said...

My daughter just made injera last week to go with all our garden veggies. So yummy--it's a new staple for us. Isn't it great when the teens do the cooking? I love your clean kitchen saying--think I'll make a banner and hang it over our (full) sink.

"Indescribable" said...

I think I can smell your kitchen via your pictures, yummmmy
I'm happy for your daughter and her friend, and her sisters too!
This is LOVE!

Renata said...

Beautiful Kimmie! I can only imagine how delicious that must have been smelling as you took the photos!
What a lovely time the girls are having & it's wonderful that they have each other!
Have a great week with your beautiful blessings

Bird's Words said...

oh, I love those girls!! So glad they are still connected after this time.

Andrea said...

Love this! All of it!

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