Aug 17, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts (with update)

update:  no release today (Wed.)  
The Knight has cancelled a weekend camping trip (rain forecast)
and declared that we can release early next week instead.  
(I am rejoicing greatly at a few more days of being a Mama to my 3 fat waddlers!)

Tuesday's Thoughts:
tonight is our last night together...

we say our good-byes,
they have grown so well,
they are ready for the forest.

they will walk into the care of One who loves them even more than I do
(though I can't imagine that, as I find myself tearing up
just in thinking of introducing them to their beautiful new woodland habitat).

I will walk away (in the arms of my Knight who will accompany me)
trusting that the Lord will watch over and keep them for me.
How thankful I am to hear His voice saying that He will care for them now.

Maybe we will see each other again,
as I plan on stopping by and bringing tasty treats for my babies.

A mother's heart is a tender thing, 
it longs to raise them up in the way they are to go,
hoping that all that was poured into them will help them in their coming days of life.
Ultimately we need to let go and put our trust in Him.

Love is hard, it hurts sometimes.

But the option of not loving, is no option at all.

So, I am so thankful I chose to open my heart to 3 tiny helpless masked creatures, whose eyes were hardly yet open.

The four months I've had as their Mama was life changing.

I have so many memories to cherish...(would you like to know some of them?)
  • How a large bathroom can become a haven to orphaned babies 
  • How I asked God ten years ago for one (after reading Rascal) and how He blessed me with three
  • mopping up piles of mess, only to have them run through it (laughing I think)and spreading it in every direction of the wind.
  • barely getting down the newspaper that they have trained themselves to use for potty time...and having all three hustle in and dirty it all up before I could even step back to admire the clean newness of the rectangular toilet
  • How much smarter they are than dogs or cats
  • having my boy always look at me with puppy eyes, so that I will stop mopping so he can suck my thumb
  • When I am too rushed to sit down with them, how he will nurse on his own foot (and purr like crazy doing it)
  • How my biggest girl can jump on my back for a piggy back anytime I crouch low enough for her to make the running leap
  • For their love of marshmallows and how they roll them around in their paws as they eat them (kind of like how some eat corn on the cob)
  • How they don't like corn, though it is supposed to be a favorite
  • How they eat chicken~ bones and all
  • How they nurse on my clothes while I feed one of their siblings with the special bottle
  • The days of dropper feeding that turned into syringe feeding, which in turn headed to the special bottle
  • Seeing them smile while they ate cut up bananas
  • How they loved to get a new toy and how much they would enjoy it
  • How fast they could undo anything we tied
  • How gentle they are
  • How feisty they can be playing with each other
  • How many ants we've squashed since May because I refused to put down ant poison thinking they might eat one of them 
  • How cute they are, even when they are keeping us up being nocturnal
  • How even when they are half asleep how they can wake up to say hello
  • How they destroyed my mop and I am not sure I want to replace it with a new non-chewed version (each tooth mark now is precious)
  • The night they got under the sink, pulled off the plywood behind the plumbing and climbed through the walls with great joy (much to our fear that they would never come out)
  • How I think I am allergic to them (suddenly I have eczema on my face and occasional swollen eyes after kissing and hugging them) 
and how I still would love to keep them forever (for very selfish reasons)
  • How blessed I am that God put me on someones heart and I got to be their Mama for a time such as this!


jan said...

oh my heart hurts for you having to say good-bye.... i would be a mess too. it is funny how animals can so quickly become such a part of our daily routine. and they are incredibly innocent which just endears me big time. i am happy you had them for the time you did. they will be fine as you taught them well :)

Anonymous said...

Since first reading and then following your adventure with the little rascals I cannot find it in my heart to be frustrated with the raccoon that visits and eats my entire garden every night ~ just the ripe things, of course, because we're smarter than the average bear :o)
Thank you for sharing this time with us and I'm praying right now that they will be safe and your heart and arms will be filled again soon!

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