Sep 5, 2011

From my True Love

 a celebration of our first date...
my Knight brought me a huge bunch (45) of roses.  

30 years of being an item...
(25 years of marriage, preceded by 5 years of courtship)

so glad he said yes to me joining him in shopping for a pair of sneakers.  
(and thanks Norm for blowing up your father's car the night before...
I took your place that day thanks to your mishap.)

Where there is great love there are always miracles.-- Willa Cather
See some of the miracles we've been blessed to be a part of:

(cheese puff face)

Thank you God for all of these


Karen said...


MommaMindy said...

Congratulations on so much love and so many blessings. I am so encouraged that your family is bringing the Lord glory and honor.

Kathy C. said...

What a beautiful bunch of blessings. Join us for the fall challenge of learning about the BIble on my girl's blog if you can.

Renata said...

Congratulations!! What a beautiful post ~ you certainly are blessed!
Have a wonderful celebration!

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Congratulations on such a marvelous feat especially amidst such overwhelming reports of separation and divorce. i know that God has played an integral role in this magical affair and I wish for you His continued Guidance and Blessing!!! All the best and I wish you a lifetime together!!

Sarah said...

Rejoicing in miracles and the love that they bloom in.

Be blessed bunches,

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