Sep 8, 2011

Reading Logs for your Kids (Homeschoolers!)

Reading logs give readers 
(and reluctant readers) 
a feeling of achievement. 

Set some goals for each of your readers and make sure you also celebrate along the way. 
We like to see how many we can read
(at our level, or bundle 10 easy books read to a younger sibling counted as one for reluctant readers)
from beginning until end of our homeschool year.  

We have been doing reading logs for an eternity here at our little schoolhouse.  Thought you'd might like a few links to help you get started.

Ice cream or candy makes wonderful incentive to stack up the books on each child's log!

read! (color)

read (colour)

read! (a little more detail)

and don't forget to make multiple copies for your teacher's folder~
expecting that this is going to be a very productive and  illustrious year!

Happy homeschooling!


MommaMindy said...

Great idea! Believe it or not, this is a new idea to me....despite 17 years experience. Thanks, Kimmie!

patchworkmommy said...


what a treat that you would stop by my blog! You have a beautiful family!!!

Great homeschooling ideas!!

Our state has child per adult limits as well if we went through fostercare with the intention to adopt. We wanted to do that and inquired about it last year and were told that we had too many children in our home already and would need to get a special waiver like you are doing but in our case they said it would be hard to get one. I was so sad.

Six of our seven adopted children we adopted directly from Liberia in '06 and '08. Our seventh Liberian child we are adopting through a disruption.
It is a private adoption so the rules are a little different. We are working on adding two Haitian teens (also from a disruption). We hope that they will join our family this month sometime.

I hope you get your waiver!!!! Your family is beautiful!!!


Amie said...

Please post lots of homeschool ideas!

My kids are only 1, 2 and 3, but I've been doing a lot of little "home school" activities with them lately. Always looking for new ideas :)

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