Sep 22, 2011

God Behind the Scenes (some monkey business)

Until one has loved an animal
a part of one's soul

                                                Anatole France 

My baby raccoons are gone, Oh how I miss them.  We go to their spot in the wild every few days to bring them food (their mama would still be there with them if she was able). We (meaning my raccoon loving Knight and I) want them to stay fat so they hibernate through the coming cold months.  

We haven't seen them because now they are nocturnal, though some day we may venture into the area way after dark to see if we can catch sight of them.  My heart misses them terribly.

  my wonderful Father has brought me a new surprise friend.  Recently she lost her husband and we have been getting to know each other better.  Over coffee in my living room, she told me a few years back she had a monkey,
 though a cougar is all she really ever wanted.  Be still my soul, a girl after my own heart. 

She went on to tell me crazy monkey stories and how her husband Paulie had brought it home after she asked him for one (back then it was legal).  Betty told me how the monkey found a new home, after its adventure outside its enclose.  bad monkey, bad monkey.  How she told Paulie to get rid of it (she was MAD) and he brought back two neighbors and the warden (who had a gun).  No animals were hurt...but that monkey took a ride (without a seat belt or cage) and dear sweet Paulie got a $50 ticket trying to *get rid of that monkey!*

I told Betty last night at church that my only regret is that, 'I didn't know her when she had the tiny monkey,' as we could have made quite a team with a music box, monkey and two girls full of animal love
She looked at me and tipped her head back to laugh, hard.  

God is good. 

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