Oct 24, 2011

Non-PAID Movie Endorsement...

   Just came back from


it will be out of the theaters soon...

Grab the man in your life and let God speak LOUDLY to your hearts.

*and I go to see movies once every great while...so this is from my heart and not from my movie frequent flier pass, that is encouraging you FIRMLY to go. 

(if you can't go with your guy...buy him a ticket and let him go alone...seriously!)

HONOR so does begin at home.


Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I have heard such great reviews of this movie & have enjoyed their other movies so much that I intend to purchase a copy for the family as soon as it comes out over here ( which hopefully won't be too long). Thank you for sharing your review ~ a recommendation from a trusted friend makes me even happier to buy it :)

mom said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Kimmie! I just found out it's at our local theater this week - it's not even listed in our newspaper! - so we hope to get there before it's gone.

Tammy ~@~

MommaMindy said...

I can hardly wait until it comes out on DVD....we'll be watching this as a family for sure more than once. It's so wonderful to finally have God-honoring movies to watch!

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